The ex-boyfriend of Jane Alexander speaks at the Sunday Live: “I'm waiting”


Published on Nov 18, 2018


He chose to speak his mind on tv the ex-boyfriend of Jane Alexander and decided to do it to Sunday Live. In today's episode, November 18, 2018, the ex-boyfriend of the contestant of Big Brother Vip has chosen to tell her about what happened in the house between the actress and Elia Fongaro telling, from his point of view, what kind of relationship there was between them. Jane, to her companions she explained that the story with Gianmarco for her, it was closed before you entered the game, that they are not loved in a long time, that he knew but that had not ever want to deal with the speech. It seems, however, Gianmarco Amicarelli had another reading of her relationship with Jane since he also made his marriage proposal, a proposal that Alexander did not like, declaring to his fellow travelers not to appreciate all these gestures and dramatic.

Today Giamarco has talked about what he felt seeing Jane kissing another man.

For the musician, things did not go as Jane has told you and Gianmarco speaks of a whole other report.

“It is a pleasure to see certain things, I seem to have seen them enough already. It says that I have failed to respect, is very serious, but I do not feel in any way you did or I deserved what I've seen, and that he did.”

And on the subject of the alleged crisis that was there between them explains:

“I did not know of this crisis, we were talking about Christmas, of things to take to the new house. I read a quotation of a conversation between her and Martina, in which he said “my dream is to marry Gianmarco”, and then I went outside the house to ask her to marry her. We talked about it all the time, to do it in Las Vegas. There was the idea. I don't know what happened, we have to ask her.”

Today, what do you think about Gianmarco of what happened to his wife?

“Obviously he was not happy. How was I supposed to notice? The first two weeks did nothing but talk about me. We had a greet secret, she made him, greeted me. I was not even nominated. It is a situation so absurd and unreal that before taking any decision, I want to say it to you first and I want to first talk with her and understand what she thinks, what happened in there. I can not forget what I saw and the words I heard. I think that this is the person that made me suffer most in my life... What I would say? I was disappointed that I wasn't expecting it, that is not the Jane that I know, that I loved and with which I spoke about the future. And’ another person.”

Despite everything, however, Gianmarco said to be ready to deal with Jane, is waiting for you.

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