The evening of Friends 19 part tonight: all there is to know about the first episode


Published on Feb 28, 2020


In these days, if they are said and written so many on the stage for an evening of Friends, 19 and it is right, just a few hours from the debut, try to make clarity in view of the first episode aired today, February 28, 2020. Needless to say, it is quite clear, that the program airs Friday, at least for the first few episodes ( up to when it will be aired There is mail for you to Saturday it will be). The episodes dedicated to an evening of Friends, 19, proper, with the proclamation of a winner, there will be six. Then there will be a new tournament, a sort of Friends ALL-STAR, even if you will attend singers who have never competed in the final of the Channel 5, such as, for example, Michele Bravi). In the latest episodes of Friends we will also see Friends Prof a tournament that will feature the professors of Friends.

But what's going to happen in the first episode of Friends 19 on the air this evening on Channel 5? Let's find out with the spoilers: only names, nothing more, because the stakes will be broadcast live and only at the end we'll find out who goes to the next episode.

This evening on Channel 5 the adventure of the boys who have qualified for the final phase of the talent of Maria de Filippi; a bet rich in the guests and in fact the presenter said that she was hopeful, in the press conference, and the beginning of the show around 21.30 Strip allowing.

Not having the teams, all the singers will perform with a super guest: Ghali, Alessandra Amoroso, Emma, Ermal Meta, Elisa and J-Ax will be the guests of the first episode.

Luciana Littizzetto as you know is on the way to recovery but at the moment can not leave his home in Turin. Will be in telephonic connection with the programme and will be the first guest comic of the evening, Friends.

In the press conference of presentation of the evening, Friends 19, Mary explained that in each episode there will be a guest who will speak to the boys of values. On the 28th of February there will be Sardines. A decision that has caused a lot of controversy even within the same group. Mattia Santori, Jasmine Crystal and Lorenzo Donnoli have invited those who follow them and believe in this project to wait and see how their intervention, and then judge.

6 episodes with ten talent
WHO ARE THE BOYS AND GIRLS ARRIVE AT IN THE EVENING? Nyv, Giulia, Gaia, Jacopo, Francesco and Martina singers
Valentin, Nicolai, Javier and Talisa dancers
BECAUSE THERE ARE NOT THE TEAMS? in a race in a circuit for elimination of “all against all” that says
HOW MANY WINNERS IN THIS EDITION? 1 winner of the class song, 1 winner of the category dance
and the winner of #Amici19
AND AFTER FRIENDS 19? 3 bets for celebrations where there is a celebration with ten professionals
WHO WILL JUDGE’ THE PERFORMANCES? 3 the courts of justice for the two phases of competition: an external jury a kind of jury; jury of professors, televoting

BY THOSE WHO COMPOSED THE JURY? The Jury, composed by the great artists of the world of the show
Loredana Bertè, Vanessa Incontrada and Gabry Ponte
next to them on a role for him in the original
Thomas Paradise

WHO ARE THE PROFESSORS THAT YOU WILL SEE IN THE EVENING? Alessandra Celentano, Veronica Peparini, Timor Steffens
Rudy Zerbi, Stash, and Anna Pettinelli

WHO WILL BE THE VAR? Together with the VAR formed by Maestro Beppe Vessicchio
and by internationally renowned choreographer Luciano Cannito

THERE WILL BE TELEVOTING? Viterà the audience from home
that supports your talent favourite through televoting

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