The evening of Friends 18 begins with a new complicated regulation and the first elimination: here's what happened


Published on Mar 31, 2019


You have had some difficulty in following the first episode of Friends 18 aired on march 30, 2019? We, too, were not alone! Maria de Filippi has decided to revolutionize this year the mechanism. The production and the editorial staff apparently have no interest in making sure that the public continues to say that at the bottom of your Friends wins then the guy or the girl that you are betting, probably from the beginning. No matter if on social the public continue to complain, continue to reiterate some of the concepts. Mary goes his own way and it has demonstrated also on this occasion, by choosing the lead in the 18th edition of Friends to the nth-regulation absurd. Complicated because at home you do not understand, but because it is not necessary. The public wants to enjoy the show, and would perhaps that the televoting was no longer present, but does not like to understand, test after test, what will be the absurd situation of the evening.

In any case, we try to do a little bit of order by telling you what happened in the course of the first episode. It starts with the classic challenge to the teams.

In the challenge are asked to judge Loredana Bertè, but also other protagonists of the evening, such as Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci in this case. The artists are not only guests, but are also the judges. The performances are without a doubt the best thing of this race. To win the first challenge is the team led by Ricky Martin. The blue can make of a gamble: if the artistic director chooses a competitor on which to wager, you may save it. Grigolo and then choose Alberto: but only if 80 % of the votes will come from home to save the singer him can go forward. Grigolo wins his bet: Alberto is unless. The blue then make the name of an opponent who is going to risk challenge with the two of them. The name fact is that of Mowgly. With him go into the challenge also to Tish and Valentina. At this point, the Bertè to choose and decides to send him to risk elimination to the dance Break.

The second challenge is won by the white team. This time then is Ricky Martin to choose on who to bet and makes the name of Rafael who is required to obtain 80 % of the votes. He is rewarded by the public at home and is safe.
Alvis, Mameli and Ludovica are the names made from the blue. At this point it is Peparini, to choose. The artistic director is the name Ludovica. In the challenge, so there are Ludovica and Mowgly.

The two competitors may also decide to make of the performances of the choral with their peers. In the course of the performances there were the comments of Loredana Bertè, who has taken from the outset targeting Mowgly. In the end he wins the challenge Ludovica while the dancer of the blue has to leave the school.

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