The eu, Moscovici: “Italy is carrying out reforms for growth, time for results”

Published on Mar 01, 2017

Here are the words spoken this morning by Pierre Moscovici, commissioner for economic Affairs, during a hearing in Parliament. With the thought of the new policies of the Usa and Russia, talk of the Euro as the protection and hopes for a growth in virtue of the continuation of the reforms implemented in Italy, to whom, he says, must be left the time to work. Also needed, a responsible budgetary policy. Here, instead, the joint press conference between the Junker and Tajani. The eu, Moscovici: “Italy is carrying out reforms for growth, time for results”. “Italy has to work reforms for growth, but also a responsible budgetary policy, this is the sense of the report on Italy”, these are the words of the commissioner for economic Affairs Pierre Moscovici in a hearing in Parliament. The commissioner stresses the “actual progress of the Italian economy”, thanks to the various reforms put in place in areas such as how to work, budget, banking system and businesses. “We know that you need a certain time because the reforms could become active, for which we do not want to judge too quickly”. “The adjustment requested by the Eu is not irrelistico, the outcome of the dialogue can be positive.” The commissioner for economic Affairs Pierre Moscovici at the parliament also expressed its considerations in relation to the dialogue with the European Union. In his opinion the Eu commission “is not asking for a budget adjustment to be impractical, but progressive and reasonable for the compliance with the preventive arm of the stability pact”. Pierre Moscovici during the course of the hearing in Parliament, says he is “sure that Italy will take up its responsibilities, and the dialogue will go forward.” The hope is that a dialogue between the Eu Italy's positive. “For the moment, the debt rule is not met, but this does not necessarily imply the opening of a procedure for excessive deficit. On the basis of the spring forecast, and measures that will be taken we are in the times and in the spirit of a dialogue that could end positively”. The commissioner is then to know that already there have been “numerous meetings with the colleague Padoan,” and that “the relationship of trust that unites the Italian authorities with the Commission is a decisive factor”. On the final considerations in the Banking system. To find space in the course of the hearing to the Parliament as well, the suffering of the Italian banks still vulnerable. “The banking system” in Italian is “relatively weak, oppress the suffering,” and “capital requirements all contribute to this weakness. Italy must focus on the quality of the asset”. Here are the main points of the intervention by Juncker. The celebrations of the march on Rome “will not only be the birthday (of Europe, ndr), but the birth of the Eu-27, and to mark a new step in the history it is time to respond to an old question ‘Quo vadis Europa?'”: he said the president of the Eu Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to the european Parliament presenting the White Paper on the future of Europe. “No diktat, but the Eu does not become just commerce.” “I reject the idea that Europe is reduced to a free trade area but will not tell you my preference. The Commission prescribes, does not dictate and does not give instructions. No diktat, but listen,” says the president of the european Commission, adding: “it is Not the Commission make this choice in splendid isolation”. “The eu can't reduce unemployment”. “On unemployment, we meet, we propose to reduce it but this is out from the possibilities of the Eu, can stimulate investment, but this does not lead to the systematic reduction of unemployment,” explained Juncker. “We can not do as if the Eu can alone solve this” problem. Juncker has chosen this as an example of the battles not to the capacity of the Eu. (ANSA)

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