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Published on Nov 08, 2019


Two years on from the airing of its first season, now, however, in Italy in 2018, and of which you can find here my review, is back on Netflix The End of The F***ing World, the television series produced by Netflix and based on the graphic novel of the same name by Charles Forsman:


Set two years after the events narrated in the first season, this season you will see how his main protagonists, the disturbed Alyssa and James, live, at least for a certain period of time, different experiences in different places, because they will not be together.

As you can already see in the trailer above, which focuses mainly on the character of Alyssa, the girl will return to a dull daily routine without any stimulus to her, if not her upcoming marriage (if it will be with myself or James with another guy, I will leave you to discover).

But something, rather, someone, is on the trail of the two boys: this is Bonnie, a friend who, for some mysterious reason, wants at all costs to track down the odd pair.

Needless to say, Bonnie isn't so much with the head, and you will see it in the brief scenes devoted to the biography of this new addition. With her, Alyssa and James will have a series of misadventures that culminate in a season finale open, but definitely much less incisive of the last episode of the first season.


Murders, blood, apathy, depression, trauma, vision strongly distorted in the world and of reality, all accompanied by an atmosphere deliberately static in certain situations reminiscent of the most desolate and bleak works of the american artist Edward Hopper, are the characteristic elements of this work that return in this second season of the television series.

One of the peculiar characteristics of The End of The F***ing World is its ability to concentrate a large number of information not only in a few episodes (both seasons consist of only 8 episodes), but also in the short duration of the same (we are talking about 19-25 minutes per episode).

Not only that: The End of The F***ing World can take the time to tell their story focusing very much on the bleakness of the environments and landscapes in which it is filmed, and especially on the one that permeates the lives of the protagonists, trapped in a sort of limbo inert in which everything that in some way can animate the situation is almost always a negative event, even highly traumatic.


The life of Alyssa, and James is so absurd, chaotic and obscure that one of the few ways that they find to be able to cope is humor as black as my soul (yes, I also love black humour), which does not fail even in the most dramatic moments, and indeed, it is precisely in those moments that is more and more strong the need to play down with some great joke on the dead.

Alyssa said at a certain point that it is easy to feel they do not have the control over their own lives, because p as well, and all we can do is adapt, and reflection, this, that certainly comes from his personal experience, but that does not take into account the fact that many of its problems in reality are not the horrible things that just happened to have, but the reality is, its own actions to provoke them.

As a very young girl, however, it is also plausible that not always has the desire to take their responsibilities, because when he does, his mood sinks even more into the abyss of depression. But this is in very good company.

James has a temperament passive-aggressive in the first season, to the point that come to think multiple times to kill Alyssa, but in this second season of The End of The F***ing World, the guy appears to be matured: look deeper inside his heart, and takes note of their feelings, even if it is often forced to keep them inside of himself, and is definitely much more protective of Alyssa.

And Bonnie? Well, I will of course not here to tell you about the thread and sign his past and the reasons why it is the desperate search for James and Alyssa, m also she has had a very difficult life that has led her to be a person very different from that which was at one time.

In your particular case, then, the cause of all its problems, the larger will be the love and the lack thereof, that contribute to make them see the world through a lens distorted by a feeling, in turn, distorted, unhealthy, and misleading.


This second season of The End of The F***ing World focuses more on the introspection of the characters, whose depth is certainly also thanks to the performances of the young actors that give them life on the screen.

If you love dramas teen, black humour, reflection on the problems of life, and, in general, the stories of “gears”, you cannot miss the second season of The End of The F***ing World, far more interesting and mature than the previous one, a journey to the dark side of the mind and the human feelings that will touch the strings of your hearts.

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