The electronic identity card, the emissions from the 26th of April. All the information

Published on Apr 05, 2017

From the 26th of April will start issuing gradual in all the Municipalities of the new electronic identity Card. The ministry of the Interior, with a circular which recommends to adopt any useful initiative likely to ensure the release recalls that since July 4, 2016 has been launched the first phase of deployment of the CIE at 199 Municipalities. The electronic identity card, the emissions from the 26th of April. All of the information. From next April 26, 2017, in accordance with the plan of deployment, approved by an interdepartmental Committee of the CIE, the remaining municipalities will be gradually enabled the issuance of new CIE. In particular, have been identified two groups of Municipalities: the first, composed of 350 Municipalities, which together with the previous 199 will cover 50% of the population, the second will ensure 100% coverage of the population resident in Italy. What is it and how to apply for it. The new CIE in addition to being a means of identification of the citizen is also, only for the Italian citizens, a valid travel document in all Countries belonging to the European Union and countries with which the Italian State has signed specific agreements. The citizen can ask the CIE to the Municipality of residence or abode in the cases of the first release, deterioration, loss or theft of the identification document. The internet address the citizen can find all the necessary information for the submission of the application for release. The document can be requested at any time and its duration varies according to the age bands of membership: 3 years for minors under the age of 3 years; 5 years for minors between the ages of 3 and 18 years of age; 10 years for adults. The citizen must go in Common with a passport-sized photo, in paper or electronic format, on a USB. The passport photo must be of the same type as those used for the passport. It is advisable, at the time of the request, obtain the fiscal code or health card in order to speed up registration activities. It is also provided for the right of the adult citizen to indicate your consent or refusal to donate organs and/or tissues in the event of death. Delivery times and costs. The delivery of the CIE will take place within six working days, at the address indicated by the citizen at the time of the request, or at the Municipality. The Municipalities will be provided with an infrastructure consisting of workstations, computer (including personal computer, multi-function printer, scanner, fingerprint, bar code reader, smart card reader), through which they can connect to the Portal of the ministry of the Interior, CIEOnline, to acquire all the data of the citizen and, through a secure channel, send them to the certification, at the national Center of demographic services (CNSD) is located at this ministry, which, in turn, transmit them to the IPZS for the production, customization, printing and delivery of the electronic document to the address specified by the holder.The amount of the consideration for the release of the new electronic identity Card is 16,79 euro. The ministry also reminded that the identity cards in paper and electronic format issued up to the issuance of the CIE of this decree remain valid until the expiry date. (ADNKRONOS)

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