The electoral law Tuesday, in Montecitorio, but what does the new text?

Published on Jun 03, 2017

(AP) Proportional and threshold to 5%. These are the two key points of the electoral law which will arrive Tuesday in the classroom at Montecitorio. Here are all the news. The electoral law Tuesday, in Montecitorio, but what does the new text? A process that could remove the vote in the course of the work and that from two points: a majority large on the German system and the willingness of the Pd to go to vote early in the fall. The amendment to the Fiano, which rewrites the basic text of “transforming” the Rosatellum in a German model, provides for the adoption of a proportional system with a threshold of barrier at 5%. It is, however, a German Italian-style, with elements of diversity compared to the system that is used in Germany. The first difference is that the candidates in the colleges are elected in a proportional manner and not, for the most part (as in Germany): not triggered, in fact, the candidate most voted, but members of parliament are elected with a proportional distribution. “A system – explained – similar to that of the provinces. There will be 303 colleges for the Room and 150 for the Senate, while the electoral districts, proportional, will be 26. The price lists that are blocked will be composed of 2 – 4 names for each constituency, while in the colleges there is only one candidate. The voter may give one vote only, and then there is the possibility of voting disjoint (as in Germany). It is also confirmed the breakdown of a quota of 50% seats uses single-member districts and 50% in the proportional lists of the blocked. With regard to the pluricandidature: a candidate can submit a mandate constituency, and to a maximum of three lists blocked. There are also the gender quota: price lists, blocked must be no alternation of the kind, while, with respect to the candidates in single-member wards “none of the two sexes can be represented in more than 60%, with rounding to the nearest unit”.

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