The electoral law, the withdrawn text. “Will take a leap times.”

Published on May 16, 2017

“I have no intention of bringing forward a text that the Pd does not approve of, because I'm not a unconscious”. He said the rapporteur on the electoral law Andrea Mazziotti, intervening in the committee on constitutional Affairs, after the " no " to the text-based Pd, an Alloy, Svp and Wing. The electoral law, the withdrawn text. “Will take a leap time”. Andrea Mazziotti has decided to withdraw the text based on the electoral law, which is the Italicum bis. As his role of rapporteur, the chairman of the constitutional Affairs committee has reserved to itself to decide by tomorrow. “I think that from a text so little shared in the commission, and with the prospects, to say the least complicated in the Senate is very risky. The parties that decide to adopt this solution, not widely shared, you will assume all the responsibility of a possible failure,” says Mazziotti. “If there will be a failure” on the electoral law “shall not be liable to the Parliament, but the parties to which the parliamentary groups are headed. Because vetoes are not born here. Come from secretaries of the party”. “It's obvious, it observed that this choice determines a slip of the times”. “The basic text that I have submitted has been defined by someone, the text of a ‘minority’ because of the opposition of the Pd. Even with all modesty, I do this not to be so little clever as to have thought to approve the basic text of ‘against’ the party of relative majority,” he says. “The text presented reflects, indeed, with corrections, of the council, the first Italicum, wanted by the Pd and approved with the vote of confidence. Numerous representatives of the Pd, by the parent company Rosato, to the secretary, Matteo Renzi, have said recently that the system Italicum extended to the Senate for the Pd it was an acceptable solution”. And instead, “only a few minutes before the meeting” set for the presentation of the basic text “I received the streets short, and with great surprise, by the Pd, the request to propose as the basic text of the model 50-50”. “I have not deemed access to this request, explains Mazziotti -not only for its delay, and because no text was physically available, but as I thought, and I believe still is, that starting from a text which we have declared to the contrary in the commission's Forza Italia, the Ap and Cinquestelle is a dangerous choice for the same reasons (consisting in the difficulty to have the numbers in the Senate) that had brought the commission, including the Pd, to leave the option Mattarellum”. “I believed, therefore, that the Pd, in response to the approach based on the maximum share of the basic text, would have accepted the solution Italicum-correct, which had up to that point given their consent. The different positions that emerged in the following days, and confirmed today, therefore, was a surprise for me”. “Tomorrow, will file the text with the proposal of the Pd” when “will been appointed the rapporteur,” says Emanuele Fiano, the parent company Pd in constitutional Affairs. The day, Fiano said: “We are ready to propose as a new basic text of our proposal for a system that is 50 percent majority and 50% proportional, the so-called Rosatellum. (ADNKRONOS)

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