The electoral law, in the balance axis Renzi-Grillo. “100 francs shooters in the vote of the preliminary ruling”

Published on Jun 07, 2017

(askanews) – The hall of Montecitorio has rejected the three preliminary ruling of constitutionality on the electoral law. The votes in favour of the preliminary ruling were 182, against 310. The vote was by secret ballot on request of the Pd, Ap and Fdi. There have been “100 francs shooters” in the vote of the preliminary ruling. He said the leader of the Pd, Ettore Rosato, the assembly of the group by specifying that the dem were compact in the voting. In the voting on the preliminary ruling of the Chamber on the electoral law there were “100 francs shooters”. He said the parent company Dem Ettore Rosato, speaking at the meeting of the group. To reject the prejudicial voted 310 deputies, but the sum of the four parties that have found the agreement on the reform of the electoral law in key “German” (Pd, Fi, M5s and the League) would share 445. Rosé, however, has not excluded that the franks shooters “are in the group of Pd, which is compact”. Meanwhile, Grillo announces an online consultation. “The text of the law and to be released from the voting of the amendments of these days it will be ratified by our members with an online consultation, which will be held before the final vote of the measure, which should be expected on Monday, in the days of Saturday and Sunday,”this is what we read in a post signed M5s and published on the blog of Beppe Grillo. “Today, we read in the post started from the Room voting on the electoral law. As already done in the commission, even in the Classroom we will try all ways to get new improvements, such as the separated vote, the preferences and the improvements of governance. We do not know if we will succeed, because not only depends on us. We have already obtained important results, such as the cancellation of the pluricandidature and capilista blocked”. On the choice of Cricket to give the last word to the members, Ettore Rosato spoke later, declaring that the democratic party is willing “to meet this need”. “The 5-star hotel, ask for the on-line consultation on the text that will be released from the classroom and, because we are respectful of their internal procedures – also if we are critical of their blog is that the institutional office where decisions are made, as if it were a Direction, we are willing to meet this need”, therefore “you will vote for all the amendments and articles of the electoral reform these days, but the final vote, if the president of the Chamber will agree, you will do Monday”. Ettore Rosato, the parent company of Pd, explains the line decided by the dem to avoid the breaking of the covenant 4-the model election German. “We feel, however, that, or the text is agreed by the 4 parties, or there is no blog to keep out of that text there is the possibility of the electoral law. Indeed, I remember that the Pd has made the steps longer to write the rules together, so we do not accept the attitudes of the preponderance of none – clear Pink – it's Not that the blog affects the Parliament, the blog affects the final grade of the 5-star”. Afe-Gal/Int5

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