The electoral law, important week for the proportional? Towards an agreement between Pd, Fi and M5S

Published on May 29, 2017

(ANSA) That has just started seems to be a crucial week for the election law. Matteo Renzi is going to have contacts with all the parties, in order to have more clarity by Tuesday 30 may, the day of the Direction Pd to the order of the day there is also the discussion on the voting system. Can an agreement between Pd, Fi and M5S in the name of proportional? The electoral law, important week for the proportional? Return to proportional: the chance that the reform of the electoral system to deliver Italy a model in the style of German continue to climb. At the start of the week key, with the start of the voting in the Parliament about the electoral law and the direction of the Pd on the agenda for Tuesday, Matteo Renzi finds the cards and has declared that he considers an agreement with Forza Italia and M5S on a model is proportional, with a threshold of barrier at 5%. The blues have done that already know the game and today it is touched to the voters pentastellati seal, with 27.473 thousand yes against just 1.532 no, the green light arrived from the vertices in the last few days. No “compromises” and nothing “market of the cows”, he warns, however, Beppe Grillo, publishing the verdict online: the voters must be able to choose to be governed by the M5S or axis Pd-Fi. And the system that best ensures the transparency, precisely, is the German (with a threshold of 5% and corrective measures of governance). Towards an agreement between Pd, Fi and M5S. The leader M5S thus takes up the space of a scene that otherwise was in danger of being entirely occupied by the secretary of the Pd, and from Knight and closer to an agreement, that if confirmed in the halls of parliament, could speed up the end of the term, bringing the Country to the polls in the fall, as evidenced by the fibrillations that have already emerged on the occasion of the examination of the new ‘voucher’. Calendar in hand, Grillo also sets a date for the elections, the 10th of September, before the deputies and senators are cashing out “retirement from the privileged”. Matteo Renzi holds us to underline how the choice of supporting a proportional representation system was never the first option, but also how he has been the Head of Sato to ask the political forces to find an agreement on the electoral law: the Democrats, then, is the replication – maintain a commitment towards the Hill, considered to be binding. And reasoning, trying to reassure his interlocutors, in the case of an early election in September, there would be no fear as to the soundness of public finances: the budget, which is submitted to Parliament between October and December, will be approved – says Renzi – from the new Executive. Of course, he admits, it takes prudence, and, looking to the after the vote, explains how no scenario can be ruled out, broad agreements including. Meanwhile, tomorrow will have to convince the party to give him the mandate to change direction: the Direction in fact is called to approve the turning point proporzionalistica. Yes granted, but that will have to deal with the concerns of Andrea Orlando and his troop of parliamentarians, that just to make the point they may meet a few hours before the appointment to the Nazarene. In favour of the ‘German’ ranks meanwhile, openly, the minister of cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini: it is, in fact – he says – a system that will allow the rebirth of the center. And it is precisely the project of building a force to the left of the Pd is followed by Article 1-Pd, that is ready to accept the 5% threshold, convinced that would encourage the forces to the left to run along. A barrier that does not convince, instead, the Italian Left, which would be targeted at 3%, but that especially does not like to Angelino Alfano. In Parliament the votes are destined to start most probably on Wednesday, but today and tomorrow is on the agenda of a whirlwind of meetings: no face-to-face with the secretary, however, (the one announced between Renzi and Alfano is skipped) but the meetings between a delegation of Democrats and those of the other parties.

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