The electoral law, Gentiloni: “The Government will keep its commitments”. Criticism from Alfano

Published on May 30, 2017

(ANSA) Continues to hold the counter to the theme of the electoral law in the Italian political panorama. While the trend is towards an agreement between the Pd and the M5S and Fi, however, is the premier Gentiloni. Controversy in the majority with the Foreign minister Alfano, who thunders: “I don't understand the impatience of the Pd”. The electoral law, Gentiloni: “The Government will keep its commitments”. Criticism from Alfano. “I reiterate that the government hopes an agreement on the electoral law, but that we do not have a leading role. I confirm that the government is in the fullness of his powers, and he has commitments that it intends to maintain”. He said the premier Paolo Gentiloni in a press meeting with the canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Alfano, impatience Pd will cost billions to Italy. “In this delicate moment not to vote for the electoral law, but to vote for the dissolution of the Chambers, and I don't understand the impatience of the Pd to bring Italy to vote three or four months before, in full the law of stability. I appeal to the Pd prior to their Direction: think about Italy and the damage that this impatience to return to the Palace can do for the economy”. He said the minister of Foreign affairs, Angelino Alfano, on the sidelines of a conference at the foreign ministry. “No threat, but the Pd takes into account the majority”. “Our approach is not to threaten. Among other things, I don't know if it is more severe in Pd the threat of dropping the government or that to make it last. We hope that the Pd to take on a position that takes account of the majority of the government, to which we loyally for some years we are a part and through which it was possible to achieve important things for the Country,” he e ven said Alfano focusing on the electoral law at the inauguration of the research centre of the Propeller to Fabriano. “We aggregheremo and we'll go over the 5% threshold”. “We have not raised the question of the threshold, but a question of principle on the electoral law, because there will be others and we will overcome the threshold of 5%,” concluded the Foreign minister stressed that “there are many political forces and people of civil society who have given us their willingness to join a coalition with the liberal popular that will exceed the threshold, if will be the one”. Berlusconi, it was up to me, barrage 8%. Some newspapers “have argued that Berlusconi is in disagreement with the barrier threshold of 5%, is exactly the opposite, it was for me to get it to 8 percent,”: he said this morning Silvio Berlusconi at the ceremony for the delivery of the Rosa camuna Lombardy Region.

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