The earnings of a referee of A Series of roles, competitions, and international calls

Published on Mar 03, 2017

To reveal, is today an article of Edmund Fin, on the “Corriere dello Sport”, which tells how much gain the football referees in the Italian Serie A, between roles, competitions, and international calls. Here is the picture of the situation. You will earn at the end, all together, something like 4 million euros per year. The simple mathematical average would make about 180 thousand euro to each director of the race of 22, even if it is not so. Why, on salary arbitration, weigh, age, and number and type of races the direct role that you had in that race (referee central or additional). And this is ignoring the approximately 800 thousand euros up to June will receive the assistants and the fourth man. It is the account of the “whistles” of the summit. Each arbitrator takes 3800 euros gross per game plus the reimbursements (travel costs, food and accommodation in facilities affiliated but still medium-high level), the additional assistants thousand euro, and the fourth man 500. This is for the championship. In the Italy Cup, ranging from about 1000 euro in the initial phase to the 3800 for the final (obviously the most refunds), with the final of the uefa Super cup, likened to the final of the national cup. Added to this is the fixed quota (let's call them image-right) that goes from the 45mila euro in the first years of the 80 thousand of the international community (who take to the race from the 4800 € for the Elite to 1,100 euro for the newly placed in the role of the Fifa). Football? Activities part-time. But what work do the Italian referees? In some Countries of Europe (the Netherlands, for example, ask Makkelie; or the England, consult Webb's referee of the top means to leave their work, the federation belongs to, you can also find the “fixed place”. In short, you can be a professional among professionals. From us is a little different. The word “indefinitely” is a mirage (something could change with the technology Var, but it will be tough), and, therefore, we must be able to be carried out during the period of activity, do as the ants. Why is the most talented (and lucky) can arbitrate more than ten years, while for others the transition into the major category can also be translated only as something that lasts for just two years (the first, usually, is the subscriber, even though the performance disastrous). So, off to the self-employed (insurers, financial advisors, attorneys or accountants) or places in companies and activities of the family, accantonabili in the period during which, we are devoted to arbitrage to be resumed once hung the whistle to the nail.

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