The drunk stopped by the police believed to be Batman and try to fly


Published on Oct 14, 2018


A man of 29 years was apprehended by a police patrol in Ancona, in the Marche region, has reacted to the firm claiming to be... Batman!

For as incredible and surreal as it may seem, in that of Ancona, and most precisely in Piazza Ugo Bassi, a man of 29 years of age, wearing a hood over his head, he was stopped by some police officers while they were doing their job, during a simple check-up. Sued for drunk and disorderly, the man said:

Leave me alone... I'm Batman.

Later, he also extended his arms to the sky, extending her sweatshirt, trying to take off in flight.

This bizarre story took place during one of the controls coordinated in the territory and disposed of by the Chief of Oreste Capocasa to be able to fight more effectively the crime spread on the territory itself, an operation that in the last 48 hours has involved Flying, Department, Prevention, Crime, Team, Marine Unit, canine and first responders, thanks to the arrangement of the twenty checkpoints.

Source: ANSA.

The drunk stopped by the police believed to be Batman and try to fly is




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