The driveway of the house advances latest episode: the truth about the death of Paul will be afloat?


Published on Dec 12, 2017


What's going to happen in the last episode of The way home? Before starting with our spoilers for the last episode of the series with Alessio Boni is the protagonist, we remind you that the final two episodes will be aired on Thursday 14th of December 2017. You do not have to then wait a week to find out what happened between the trees of the Farmhouse Morra. The last appointment with The road home Thursday: Fausto discovers what has happened to Paul? Will his memories reveal the details? And if the memory of what happened could really do much harm? We discover the plot of the sixth and final episode of The road to the home that awaits us Thursday on Rai 1.


Then we do the point of situation, although I remember that the advances are written before the fifth and penultimate installment of the fiction, to which are inaccurate, having regard to that this evening on Rai 1 will be revealed other truths. We can only try to make order, before coming to the facts of the last episode of The way home. The feeling is that Fausto knows what happened the night Paul was killed, but not him the murderer of the boy. Is protecting someone? Paul was killed by mistake? Fausto has seen something, and maybe his enemies have thought it a good idea to try to get it out of tamper with his car and causing the accident?


We remind you that the last episode of The road home awaits us on Thursday, this week closes, then the adventure of fiction that has conquered the audience of Rai 1: more than 4 million viewers, nearly 5, to follow the stories of Fausto and his family. But let's get to the highlights: what's going to happen?

All the mysteries, this evening will be addressed are: Fausto has a last memory related to the death of Paul Ghilardi, which leads him to make an important choice. This time, he wants to go to the bottom to find out the truth, even at the cost of endangering his own life. It is now hunted by the police, even his enemies to chase him, but in the end, Morra comes to a conclusion: to find out how went really the things, the only person whom you can contact is Ernesto Baldoni. She is able to find serenity and a close to the past? Do you think Fausto is the real killer ? What recall?

For those who want to review the episodes of The way home before the grand finale, all the episodes are available on Rai Replay.




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