The driveway of the house 2 advances: everything that there is to know, news and cast


Published on Sep 10, 2019


Among the proposals of the autumn season of the Rai in the early evening there is a title that is highly anticipated by the public. We speak de The road home to the second season. The fiction with Alessio Boni and Lucrezia Lante della Rovere has been a great success two years ago when it aired for the first time, and now the protagonists of the story are preparing to return. The way home 2 starts three years after the last events that happened in the Morra family. Fausto has spent three years in prison and the lives of his loved ones is in some way changed. The twists in this second season there will be, and once again, the public will be called to “investigate” to find out who are the bad guys. In particular, the first episode of the tv drama will open with a new mystery: Fausto finds a corpse. But who is the killer and what really happened?

The intrigues, betrayals, disappearances and finds in a thriller in the fast-paced and topical issues. To add to the story also the arrival of new characters: Mauro, a young former cell-mate of Fausto, integrated in the life and activities of the farm; Valerio, who was a great rival of Lawrence in the management of the consortium, which currently produces craft beer, and lover of Milena, the eldest daughter of Fausto. And then the commissioner Concetta Leonardi, a woman determined to solve the mystery surrounding the farmhouse and the Morra family ,

There will be six episodes of The road house 2 aired on Tuesday evening on Rai 1 starting from next week, on September 17, 2019. Curious to know some more details on the story told in the driveway of The house 2? Here are the spoilers of the plot of this second season.

After three years of imprisonment, here is finally the long-awaited day: he was again a free man, eager to hug his loved ones. And there is another reason for celebration: Irene and Lorenzo have expected that to come out of prison to get married. In the church full of flowers, the guests throw glances curious and he, like always self-effacing, seems to be comfortable only with Mauro, a guy with whom she divided the cell, and a close and special relationship, so he can have a job on the farm. But to distract the attention of all by the return of Fausto in the absence of an unexpected event: the bride is not present at the ceremony. It seems that disappeared. They spend hours and embarrassment gives way to concern. The most distressed of all is Baldoni, who find it hard to believe that his goddaughter had to be a simple afterthought, to come without telling him anything, he seems to live a nightmare and is not going to be able to live with the hands in hand, goes so far as to suggest that Lawrence may have responsibility in the disappearance of a young girl and ends as to collide with Fausto, when a new element arrives to reshuffle the cards. A child escaped from a family home where Irene worked as a volunteer. And if it were not a coincidence? What is the connection between these two stories and what is really going on?

The cast– Alessio Boni Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere, Sergio Rubini, Eugenio Franceschini Benedetta Cimatti, Christiane Filangieri Sabrina Martina Marco Christmas Silvia Mazzieri, Roberta Caronia, Massimo Poggio, Roberto Gudese Claudia Zanella Simone Gandolfo Tatjana Nardone and Giuseppe Spata, Luca Scapparone Marco Zangardi Marco Cocci Giulia Cotugno

Appointment to 17 September 2019, with the first episode of The road to the house 2.

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