The drama of Platinette, Mauro Coruzzi, and the disease: “I'm Not ashamed of...

Published on Sep 16, 2018

Maurizio Coruzzi, aka Platinette reveals, without reserve, the evil that he suffers from a bit of years. Without filters Platinette tells the whole truth

Platinette, Mauro Coruzzi, has always shown the side the most fun part of his character, and the most playful. But also Platinette has its problems. Here's what he told the journalist.

Maurizio Coruzzi, said Mauro, and we all know how Platinette, the drag queen who, with his sympathy with expressed the comments grim on everything and everyone. Platinette born in Langhirano on November 4, 1955, is a conductor for the radio, but also television, very popular character and also as a very good writer.

Soon Platinette will return to the Tv: on the 15th of September we'll see him in the afternoon on Rai 1 with Marco Liorni to 16.40 in the program Italy Yes. With him in the studio there will also be Rita From the Church and Elena Santarelli.

A few months ago, in the studios of Sunday Live, the microphones of Barbara D'urso, Platinette, who confessed the tragedy of his disease:

“I'm sick, obesity is a disease and we should be ashamed. You have to get help to get out of it. I know, I know that I could fall into it again and I felt the need to again make use of the balloon for prevention. Certainly, we must pass the message that this is a substitute of diet, you can't do it again.”

Platinette said:

In my case, the doctors have agreed because they know that I have a relationship that is very diverted with the power supply and I can't give them all the wrongs. In six months, I took four pounds. There are not so many but I've decided that from here do I have to share: I don't want to take another, I want to try to lose them again. I don't want to become skinny to fit a stupid standard. My goal is to lose 30 pounds in the six months in which to hold the balloon”.

A lens just to fit into a weight that may allow him to live life without many difficulties.

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