The drama of Morgan: “By June 5, I will have no more a home”


Published on May 28, 2019


“I am treated as a murderer”

Major problems in vista with Marco Castoldi, in arte Morgan, the singer, the 5 June, he might lose his home, which was foreclosed and sold at auction to pay the debts that would have accumulated in regard to his ex Jessica Mazzoli and Asia Argento, who have complained more times than the non-payment of the food for his daughters, Anna Lou and Lara.

In an interview to Free the musician, the judge of The Voice, has released all of his rant: “I Find it crazy to not have the chance to fix it. I am treated as a murderer, which is taken off the freedom for ever. I would like to apologize to the people who have hurt you. But I would like to ask one last opportunity to be able to retrieve my house. Do not give it up easily, even if the 5 should get the police. This house is my history, I can't imagine that it has been undersold in a judicial sale by auction”.

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Morgan is not a type who gives up easily, so much so that, in the case in which the 5 June were to be actually evicted has already declared that is going to sleep “in front of my house as a dog that does not want to leave their house.” and in the past has also held to clarify that it was not its intention not to pay maintenance to his daughters, but the origin of its debt is in the management's bankruptcy” of his money “by a person who then would be gone.”

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In this particularly difficult time Morgan also seeks the understanding of two of his ex and mother of his two daughters: “I Would like to ask for help to the mothers of my daughters first of all. Asia, with whom we have good relations, and that was the main house, with a seizure, all of the judicial proceedings. I would like to ask those who have bought it for few money rivendermela and let me inside. How would I pay for it? At this time you are moving friends to ‘rope’ you need to let me have the money to ricomprarla”.

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