The drama of Britney Spears


Published on Nov 07, 2019


In 2007, the nervous exhaustion that had hit Britney Spears, at the time of the facts three of the popstar's most program in the world, had touched the pinnacle with hair cut to zero. Now, the singer tells of this period with a documentary: Breaking Point.

Today, more than ten years after the nervous breakdown of a star is told in a documentary. In this movie, the witness of the hairstylist, Esther Tognozzi, the woman to whom Britney turned to work, his drastic look change.

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The singer, now engaged to dancer Sam Asghari was photographed by dozens of paparazzi and the photos ended up in the meal to the tabloids all over the world. “I kept telling her: ‘you must Not do it, tomorrow will be another day and you're better. let's talk about it.”, said Tognozzi.

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“Pensav to be able to fix my hair with a carry. I said, ‘You realize that tomorrow all the young teenagers want to work as you do, by shaving their hair? She didn't seem to affect”

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