The Draft 2020 and the future of the NFL


Published on Apr 05, 2020


Less than sensational negative developments, the NFL Draft will take place as planned from 23 to 25 April, more obviously, by the fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, but from a study of New York city.

The IT Department of the NFL is working in collaboration with the teams to find a solution that allows the carrying out of the Draft as safe as possible and without the risk of infection. For sure Roger Goodell will be in the studio in New York, at least for the first round and the options for consideration to ensure the teams can set up a Draft room are two, and all under the control of Dr. Allen Sills, the doctor at the head of the health Department of the NFL:

It will not be possible for a team to set up a draft room in a place “safe” alternative to its seat and the choice of Dr. Sills will be valid for all thirty-two teams, regardless of the State in which they are located.

Even in New York the number of people involved physically in the three days it will be reduced to the bone, and the graphics are already at work to “build” something nice to see, relying on the help of EA Sports that will create virtual interactions among the players chosen and the Commissioner Goodell. EA will contact many of the players of the college to ask them how they would like to greet the Commish at the time the choice to make it virtually. In addition, this year the NFL has ordered that each player chosen will be able to indicate a school which will be donated 2500 dollars.

The pre Draft are complicated also by the restrictions to which are subjected the teams to begin the closure of the 32 facilities (the headquarters of team in training) that has made possible the rituals and interviews with college players eligible to be chosen. Of course, modern technology helps, but as we can imagine an in-person conversation is always better than one via Skype or Zoom (or equivalent). Add to that, the lack of athletic tests or particular visits to the doctor to say that the next Draft will certainly not be completely in the dark, but it will be done without the usual amount of information, usually a team takes on the prospectuses to which it is concerned.

The sporting future of the NFL is much more uncertain. Yesterday, the President Trump has gathered together a conference call to the major leagues in professional u.s.: the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL, Major League Soccer, WNBA, WWE, PGA Tour, LPGA, UFC, NASCAR and IndyCar. In the virtual meeting Trump has stated that he wants the fans to come in arenas, stadiums, circuits, as soon as you are ready to open and is convinced that in September the NFL will begin the regular season. Always Trump has asked the leagues to join to ask for tax relief that could lead to a decrease in taxes on the purchase of tickets and drinks/food in the stadiums to help fans return to the stadium in a time of economic crisis.

Dr. Sills proved to be much more cautious in stating that the thought of thousands of people concentrated in one place is something that at the moment is not to be taken into consideration, and his hope is that we can have the chance to test players and staff to be able to think of the resume, at least, the physical activity albeit with several limitations. The governor of California has declared that in these days it is absolutely not in discussion is no possibility of re-opening of the sports activities organized, and that for the data at its disposal, even September seems to be wishful thinking.

Also the same free-agency is very much conditioned by the situation because it is not possible to carry out visits to interested players, especially if they come from accidents (e.g. Cam Newton) or have had a particular previous pathologies. Not surprised to read that some of the contracts to be signed, but made effective only after the player has completed the medical tests at the company that wants to its ranks.

The NFL has announced that by the 9th of may will be the official calendar for the season 2020, they will still be with 16 games of the regular season and the news of the two teams to the playoffs, and given the situation we are curious (and a little bit of hope)




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