The divine Otelma: accident on The Island of the Famous 2019, the fault of Francesca Cipriani!


Published on Feb 01, 2019


Incredible accident in the course of the second episode in the evening de The Island of the Famous 2019! To be a victim of it was the Divine Otelma: the seventy-year-old from Genoa, who is said to have supernatural powers. But what is success exactly? The Divine Otelma is hurt in the course of a test reward that was put in the palio of the meatballs to the sauce. But the unexpected is not happened by chance: to make it happen was the giddy Francesca Cipriani..

In the course of the trial a reward, the castaways have had to carry some containers containing coconut, which would be served at a later time as real ammunition to be launched with a giant slingshot in the direction of some targets. The award by the competitors would have been expanded on the basis of the number of goals centered.

The game went fairly poorly: only two targets that are hit, that's only two bowls of noodles. But to the rest of the reward, have been the Figureheads Francesca Cipriani and the Divine Otelma, that they had to play the same game but a little more easier: they only had to operate the slingshot and hit the targets.

In one of these shots, Francesca Cipriani has first pulled and then pushed the poor Otelma in an attempt to help him with the momentum of the sling. The shove, however, did not capitulate with his face to the earth, the Divine Otelma.

VAR πŸ–₯️ @CiprianiFranci has pushed clearly the Divine Otelma (poor guy).#Island

β€” ) Italian TV (@TV_Italiana) January 31, 2019

To the accident, Alvin has undergone to rescue the shipwrecked and to accompany it easily from the medical production. In the first instance, the envoy explained that the Divine Otelma, it was simply made a cut at the height of the forehead.

At the end of the episode, in addition, Alvin has corrected the shot, and – even before the requests for information of Alessia Marcuzzi – the envoy has tried to generalize: β€œThe Divine Otelma is doing the proper investigation so that everything is done in the correct way. It was medicated and we are doing the investigation... we Will know...”. In the next few hours we'll definitely have more information.

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