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Published on Feb 20, 2018


To reach a dream you need the talent, sometimes not, other times just to never give up, and other times it takes luck, or a bank account can be defined as “the bottomless pit”. And because life is a toss of the coin it may happen that two friends who move to Los Angeles with the single goal of breaking into the world of the cinema, arrive for the Oscar for best original screenplay (good Will Hunting – Rebel Genius, written by the penniless roommates Ben Affleck and Matt Damon), or ...

Or here we are: The Disaster Artist (2018) James Franco, extraordinary and hilarious comedy meta-film on the terrific (and equally hilarious) The Room (2003) Tommy Wiseau, which is considered (rightly) one of the worst movies ever made, so horrible that, with time, has managed to achieve the status of a cult movie, and still today, is screened throughout the world and adored by fans of the trash that is most pure.

San Francisco, 1998. During a course of acting, the nineteen-year-old Greg Sestero knows the mysterious, self-centered and to say the least extroverted Tommy Wiseau, engaged in a performance of A Streetcar named Desire. The two become friends because they both dream of breaking into the world of the cinema, and once you have decided to move to Los Angeles (where Tommy is the owner of a luxury apartment) knock in the meat grinder of Hollywood, the fact that agencies, producers, and sound, no thanks.

None of the two seems to have a future in that world, but instead of throwing in the towel Tommy had the idea of making a movie all their own: The Room. Written, directed, interpreted and produced by Tommy Wiseau, with Greg in the role of co-protagonist.

If, however, the penicillin was discovered by accident, it would not be right to attribute to the goddess of luck all the credit for the success (or pseudo-success) is obtained by Wiseau: one stramboide from the age an indefinite with zero talent, an unlikely crown corvina, a face almost deformed, and an accent that could not be classified, geographically, that, in spite of everything, you never gave up, not even for a second, and believing to the bottom of his vision, he managed to keep his name in the history of cinema with a disaster that cost over $ 6 million (even today no one has the slightest idea of where he has found all that money, and in the film, Franco is laugh out loud to this detail), but today has at least had the merit of inspiring, this is beautiful The Disaster Artist, based on the homonymous novel by Greg Sestero, best friend of Wiseau and co-star of The Room here, played by Dave Franco, the brother of James.

The two brothers are wonderful in their respective roles and the film, moving between comedy of the absurd and the absolute non-sense (“you Pretend to be a horse ... now pretend that someone comes knocking on your door while you're riding!”), reaches peaks of pure tenderness, when the door on the screen, the anxiety of failure (that type of failure widely announced, but before which you prefer to hide your head in the sand) and the need to come to terms with the reality as much as with themselves.

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