The dinosaurs are the birds

Published on Sep 01, 2015

As we all know, dinosaurs are extinct because of a meteorite 65 million years ago has fallen in Mexico. In reality, the variables are many more. Even before the crash, a sort of global warming was making the climate hostile to the dinosaurs. The mammals, however, they giovavano, grew in size, they spread more and more, and it is the case that they were fond of the eggs of the new sergio bonelli editore series.
In short, the dinosaurs were not at all well, for this they have had to adapt and started an evolutionary process that transformed them into something else.

In the books the older is often a section which incorporates an article of the 1982 Dawe Russell, who says that, if the dinosaurs were not extinct, today they would be humanoids with scales, large eyes, three fingers, no tail, and cinguetterebbero. In practice, are those who we call the reptilians. It would be logical now to start an awareness campaign against drugs, why is the hypothesis of Russell has no basis.
In fact, it is practically a fact that dinosaurs have become birds. That is, the T-REX turned into a chicken. It's evolution, baby.

The asteroid, then, was the coup de grace, who has literally changed the climate. The dust and extremely high temperatures have caused a mass extinction, which in reality has also been applied to many species of birds and mammals. The process of evolution, however, had already begun. The age of dinosaurs was ending.

It may seem strange, but the hypothesis of a lineage dating back to the time of the discovery of the dinosaurs, when it was getting off thinking darwinist. In fact, looking at the fossils, we can reconstruct a sort of evolutionary path: from a dinosaur of your choice, for example the T-REX, and proceeding to species in the species, you can observe how certain characteristics are transmitted and converted into other forms, up to lead us to the birds today, as the hen.

In 2014 a search in Current Biology by Steve Brusatte, of the University of Edinburgh, highlights this phenomenon. Shows as about 850 anatomical features have evolved through 150 extinct species. You go from a dinosaur to a bird without being able to find the species that marks the border. In practice, says Brusatte, the missing link does not exist. Below are images of the search Brusatte.

According to the classical theory, instead, the missing link is recognized in the archaeopteryx, the oldest bird found. This is because it was the first model to have such features in order to be a middle way between dinosaur and bird.
In the first discovery in 1861, the skull had disintegrated, but the remainder was already showing all the traits essential to support the thesis. The skeleton, a long of just 35 centimetres, is much more similar to that of small dinosaurs theropods than to that of a bird, for via of the vertebrae on the tail and the front paws with sharp claws (and wings).
The second copy came early to the light and is when the skull is intact. Teeth sharp, the skull is very light, big eyes. Could not be a case.
In a discovery still more recently, the skull is in a condition so good, that it is also saved to the palate, which is a cross between a bird and a dinosaur. In short, the descent is almost self-evident.

Today we can say even more. Consider a velociraptor. Do you remember in Jurassic Park, the scene of the children who are hiding in the kitchen from these dinosaurs? Well, remember the monsters that are two metres high that were very different from a bird. I do not want to disappoint you, but this is not so. In reality, the velociraptor were high around the 60-70cm, but most of all, unlike those of the film, they were feathered!
If memory serves me, it was in China that is discovery, along the spinal column of a specimen, the line of attachment of the feathers, typical of the birds. Like birds, velociraptor had hollow bones, and took advantage of the aerodynamics of the feathers to move around better.
Recent studies, published in 2013 in the journal Nature, highlight the common features which are still more impressive, that relate to the way of walking of some dinosaurs, including the velociraptor. There has been a lengthening of the arts, that bring the dinosaurs to walk with a posture squatting, keeping the femur in a position nearly horizontal, just like in the birds. The development of the arts allows you to hunt better, be more agile, and these traits are evident in the velociraptor, like in archaeopteryx.
More clear than that...

To conclude, it would be an exaggeration to say that the T-REX looked like just a chicken giant, but an eye to the canary... it might bite!

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