The diet of rice and tuna: is it really good to eat them together?


Published on Jun 23, 2019


Summer time time of diet but also time for food to prepare in a short time; dishes are simple and fresh which can be perfect for our summer, and maybe even a few calories. What do you say then rice and tuna? It seems that these two ingredients combined together can be perfect for the line. The diet of rice and tuna is perfect for summer. Of course, as you must always do before starting any kind of path food, contact your doctor or a nutritionist that will give you all the advice in the case.

But let's go back now to the diet of rice and tuna, in what it consists and why it would be good to eat these two foods together?

The rice is perfect as you can imagine, for those who must eliminate some carbohydrate too ; this food is rich of minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and calcium, and vitamins. The tuna and instead is full of Omega 3 and helps to lower cholesterol and combat hypertension, also has a significant amount of phosphorus, potassium, iodine and vitamin B. So two foods that are perfect for a diet that is balanced and when you consider that in the summer she has even less desire to cook , we can think that this diet is really perfect for those who can choose it.

It seems that this diet allow you to lose three kilos in a week. But as I said earlier, can not be followed without first seeking the help of an expert. Before starting any diet, we must know the limits of our body and understand what we can do well and what is not.

The diet of rice and tuna is divided into two phases. In the first, there is a sort of purification, compared to that which is our food habit; in the second , which lasts 4 days, is the classic maintenance.

What are we to eat in the first phase of this diet? Let's start from the breakfast, of course we don't eat rice and tuna first thing in the morning! For our breakfast we can eat 2 slices of toast wholegrain with a drizzle of jam, a cup of coffee or tea. To snack can fit a low-fat yogurt with whole grains. For lunch instead of ok in 100 g of basmati rice with a box of tuna to the natural, seasoned with olive oil. The basmati rice that is more tasty than the classic you will enjoy more the preparation. As a dessert a fruit. In the mid-afternoon, a freshly squeezed orange juice or a fruit. For dinner, finally, again 100 g of basmati rice with a box of natural tuna seasoned with olive oil and a fruit.

In this second phase, the snacks and breakfast we can eat the same things as the first phase. But then what about lunches and dinners, we can even add fresh fish like sea bream grilled or baked in the oven. Go to it good also the salmon and the cod, or the white meats such as turkey. And you can also eat the vegetables but not the potatoes. Of course, do not overdo it with the condiments.

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