Published on Dec 08, 2015

Ron Garney? Well you. I asked if it was possible to make a few questions. He has answered.

And after having interviewed Paul Rivera and Michael Allred, is another nice character international. The designer of the current new run (All New All Different) of Daredevil, Ron Garney.

– We know that you're working on Daredevil. Which aspect intrigues you about the character?
RG: I Love his awareness incorruptible of what is good and what is evil. And then is cool, visually.

– Give us a reason to read the new run of Daredevil.
RG: Why this run is full of surprises. We will have new, many and interesting directions.
You, first of all, you have to go into the various possibilities, offering the history, then decide for yourself, because it is worth going ahead and there will be many new characters.

– What do you think of the Devil? The estimate (appreciate) before?
RG: of Course, otherwise I would not have launched into this adventure. I think that he has the powers really fascinating. Thanks to his radar sense, he can see much more of the common people, and this feature reflects him very well. He can be a good judge because he can see everything from another perspective and to judge people for what they really are.

– Your favorite character?
RG: Definitely DD, but also Silver Surfer, Hulk, Cap, most of the ones I have drawn.

– Thank you and good luck!
RG: Thank you.

The next diavolacci!


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