Published on Mar 30, 2016


After publishers, bloggers, and cartoonists, you are returned to the writers.

He is not one any (and it's not just one writer). He works in a thousand different projects.
Here's the interview with Roberto Recchioni

– Hello Roberto, thanks so much for being here.
Tell us who you are and what you do.

RR: I Am a writer, a designer, an illustrator, an editor and a cover artist.
I write comics, draw comics, project covers, I do the illustrations.
At the time, the work that most absorbs my time is the editorial care of the publications related to Dylan Dog.

– Well, quite busy. How long are you in the world of comics?

RR: Professionally for twenty-two years. As a long time fan, my whole life, that I can remember.

– What do you love, particularly, of your work?

RR: The ability to tell stories. Freely. With few limits.

– Since you're in our lair... What do you think of Daredevil?

RR: Daredevil is one of my favorite characters. Species in cycles by Frank Miller (my favorite author). Stan Lee had a great intuition in creating a character so dichotomous.
Blind and yet a superhero, a lawyer, and yet vigilant. The night stomp the criminals that the day stands for.
He has sworn to his father not to fight, but with a mask, feel free to do so.
Miller has fully understood the contradictions and hypocrisies of this character and he has brought the light to the maximum, enhancing the religious side. A catholic who is a devil. In the devil, who is a guardian angel.

– Do you have a favorite character ever?

RR: – John Constantine, Batman, and the Daredevil by Miller, Jesse Custer, Tex Willer, Dylan Dog, Zanardi, Devilman, and Lone Wolf and Cub.

– What are you working on at this time?

RR: a Lot of things. The next three seasons of Orphans, Dylan Dog, the series of the samurai for Bonelli, 4 Hoods always for the Bonelli, the Monolith always, the SBE, the new novel by Ya for Mondadori, the Battle, the new series of the Classics of Adventure and then some other project of which we cannot speak.

– Many things really. What do you think of the passage from paper to the screen?
Do you think that there is someone who loses?

RR: When you change language you must betray the original work. But I believe that this betrayal should remain confined to the how, not the what. If you alter the spirit of a work in the transposition, it must be killed and might as well do something original

– We agree with you. Thank you so much for giving us a little of your time.

RR: well, Thank you

(Photo no.1 Erica Fava)

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