Published on May 17, 2016

After interviewing Rivera, Di Giandomenico, Ron Garney, David Mack, and Checchetto, we had the chance to take a coffee and have a chat with the young designer Matteo Buffagni.

– Hello Matthew, can you tell us who you are, what you do and how long you are in this world.

MB: I'm a comic book artist, and it all started with a comic book in French in 2007. From 2008 to 2010 I have drawn the miniseries the French Vestiges and Bad Subjects, and I began to work, to play with Giuseppe Palumbo. In 2009 I started teaching in the “International School of Comics” of Reggio Emilia.
From March 2011 I collaborate with Marvel comics on some of the publications, including Him, Captain America & Hawkeye, Iron Man and The Punisher. I followed the path of Camuncoli on The Amazing Spider-Man, at the moment I'm working on Diabolik, and I just finished two issues of Daredevil in the new run written by Charles Soule.

– Well, since we are here, what was it like working with the Devil? You liked the experience?

MB: a Lot. And, by the time that I wanted to try a stylistic level to put a lot of black, and put it on Spidey was not the greatest, unlike Daredevil. Moreover, it has been a great test since as a special guest, there was Elektra, which is not a mere cartoon character. I have a problem to draw women, because I want to be at the maximum, and then it was a hard test. I took a little bit of Kitchenette, in the face, but the lips of Catherine Zeta Jones. I found myself very well with Soule because he left me with a lot of white paper.

– Who is your favorite character?

MB: Definitely the Daredevil for its realism and darkness, not because I am here, but it is one of my favorite characters and I love very much even Wolverine. I prefer the evil characters, “dark”, which have inside a bit rotten. Outside of Marvel, I love Diabolik, a character that is truly timeless with a target huge.

– You liked the tv series about Daredevil? Which did you prefer between the first and second season?

MB: I liked both. Perhaps in the second season of Daredevil is a little more moderate, such as the characterization of the character, but just because there are so many characters and is more focused on Punisher.

– I share! Last question (incorrect). Follow the Nights of the Devil?

MB: A little! Frankly, I'm not very attached to social media, but that your page, I follow it willingly, and I often read to you.

Many thanks to all

MB: well, Thank you

The next diavolacci!


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