Published on May 03, 2016

After interviewing Rivera, Allred, Ron Garney, David Mack, and Diggle another nice character international. This time a draftsman. He has worked with Spidey, Batman, Superman, Gambit and our loved Daredevil for many years. Three little questions to dear Lee Weeks.

– Hello Lee, we start with a curiosity. Who is your favorite hero?

LW: Daredevil is probably the one that I enjoyed for several years, but now I would not know. The stories and ideas that we carry with us are the most important things. Daredevil has just had a lot of stories really great, I think! Other heroes that I particularly loved are Indiana Jones, Spiderman, and Batman.

– What you appreciate of the Devil? What is the issue?

LW: Definitely, because he didn't excessive super powers, or still has some weakness to overcome. Another thing that I find fascinating, Daredevil is his be plagued by moral questions, its never to be able to do quite well, as if a deep sense of guilt two always on him, pushing him to go forward. This theme plays an important role in the story that I wrote and designed a couple of years ago, Angels Unaware which appeared in the first three issues of Daredevil: Dark Nights.

– History is full of snow and wonderful! Last question. Would you like to go back on Daredevil?

LW: If there will be a story that will feel the need to write and I will be given the opportunity, I will certainly be ready to go back.

– Thanks a lot

LW: well, Thank you and God bless you.

The next diavolacci!


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