Published on Apr 17, 2016


Sometimes, it brings with it magic and we feel close to the heroes.
And sometimes those heroes respond!

After interviewing Rivera, Allred, Ron Garney, and David Mack, another nice character international.
One of the designers that are most important to the Daredevil. A cult. Klaus Janson.

– Hi Klaus, thanks so much for being here. Let's start with a curiosity. Who is your favorite hero?

KJ: James, my favorite hero depends on whether I want to or not I want to draw the cloak. If I want to, then there is no one better than Batman. Otherwise, Daredevil is my favorite. We all know that the two of them have many things in common, but the coat is a big difference.

– You, along with Frank Miller, you have been very important to the story and moments from the cult Daredevil.
What do you think of the Devil? You never liked?

KJ: I Love Daredevil! I think I did some of my best work on the character. After that my mother threw away my comics when I was a child, I began to ricomprarli and started his own with Daredevil #1. Daredevil has always had a special place in my life. The years I spent inking, collaborating with Gil Kane, Carmine Infantino, Bob Brown, Gene Colan, and, finally, the three years with Frank Miller, has made me to become and feel a better artist. I feel a special bond with DD!

– Wow! Fantastic! We love your designs always and see you again in Daredevil: End of Days, it was beautiful.
Would you like to return to draw for the Devil?

KJ: Thanks for the kind words concerning the End of Days. It is one of my favorite jobs. Bendis and Mack have provided me with a script fantastic and it was really a privilege to design it. All of those numbers have given the best. Return to draw for the Devil? Maybe! If there will be the opportunity I'd be really happy.
Also if you note, there have been nearly 30 years between the run of the Miller and the End of Days.
The story must be really good! DD deserves it.

– Thank you so much for giving us your time

KJ: Thank you

The next diavolacci!




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