Published on Dec 07, 2015

We had the honor of interviewing Annapaola Martello, artist, talented colorist.

– How long have you been in the world of comics?
AM: In 2009 after I graduated from the international school of Comics of Rome are entered in the world of comics, working with a number of independent publishers and art collectives. In 2014 I worked as the assistant of Elena Casagrande on the boards of Doctor Who and, in the same year, I started the collaboration with Marvel.

– What do you love, particularly, of your work?
AM: There are so many things I love about my job at the moment I can't think of anything; he's probably one thing that I always enjoyed is to play with the return of materials, and work with china to facilitate a graphic synthesis of the most possible material.

– Your favorite character is Daredevil?
Or do you have other supereoi in the heart?
AM: The Devil is definitely one of my favorite superheroes but Elektra is without a doubt in the first place!

– Is there something that fascinates you the Devil?
What do you appreciate?
AM: I have always been fascinated with the way in which the Devil is able to use the anger as the engine of their actions: anger is in fact part and the source of its strength, is that, to make the vigilante and a real character.

– (Question incorrect) What do you think of ‘The night of the Devil’?
Do you like it?
AM: Yes, I like it very much, it's a really nice site up-to-date with all the news on DD and members, perfect for the lovers of Hell's Kitchen.

– Thank you very much.
AM: Thank you

And here is the drawing that he has done for us.

The next diavolacci!


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