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Published on Sep 10, 2017


After a long wait, HBO has released the pre-air of its big new production of autumn, The Deuce, and we are here ready to comment on it. A long wait as the pilot episode that opens the dance, perhaps too much.

The premises were all very good: not only do we talk about HBO, that productively speaking rarely make a mistake (someone said Vynil?), but he promised very well and the story: a period drama set in the world of porn industry and prostitution in the Manhattan of the ’70s, the same world in which Paul Thomas Anderson has set Boogie Nights. The writing was in the hands of David Simon and George Pelecanos, the minds behind The Wire (considered by critics the best tv series ever).

But let's get to the episode itself. Writing and directed by Michelle Maclaren, who has directed some of the episodes best of Westworld, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad) play to show the lives of the protagonists separately, making it clear that their paths will join soon.

There is James Franco, who à la Ewan McGregor in Fargo does a double role, that of the twins Vincent and Frankie Martin: one parent family with marital problems, and financial, the other the penniless bettor inveterate. In fact, the two you show soon more similar than you might think initially, given that they are both entangled with the mafia italo-american Times Square, and Vinnie betrays again and again his wife with animals female that wanders in the bar where she works.

If one side is presented to us a man who is three jobs to support her family (she also has two young children), on the other side of the road there is Candy (Maggie Gyllenhaal), a prostitute who works for herself, having to face all the difficulties that this entails, not wanting to be in the pay of any pimp. Determined, organized, independent and entrepreneurial spirit, he has a son that is by his mother, and keeps both painstakingly with his own work.


Finally, there are a student (Margarita Levieva), much more intelligent than the desire to give to see, and Lori (Emily Meade), a young girl coming from the province in search of fortune, that will obviously enmeshed in the world of prostitution.

The title of the tv series derives from the name of 42nd street and sixth avenue in Manhattan, situated between the seventh and eighth Avenue, the headquarters of the concentration of prostitutes for all tastes at the time. The photography of the show to play with the lights and the shadows of the neon, painting with warm colors, a wood of the metropolitan (in reality not-so-hidden) that brings out the promiscuity and debauchery of that era, the search for sexual freedom and the individual, and at the same time, the desperate search for a way to earn a living by exploiting this need.

The pilot episode of scrolls, and it is interesting to follow the lives of these characters, however, occur too few events if, commensurate with the duration of an hour and a half. It is clear, however, the intent to exploit the dual role of Frank: given that the two brothers are not really in conflict, probably will often the identity in order to survive to the mafia and gambling debts to Frankie, something that they may have already done this in the past as far as I know.

In the theme of a series of historical additions to HBO, if the Vynil was too cinematic and Boardwalk Empire immediately established an identity of its own, The Deuce is midway, presenting the pilot with a long prologue to what is to come, and that's where things get interesting, we will only have the persistence and patience to get there.

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