The definitive guide to the Fidget Spinner Nerd!

Published on Jun 05, 2017

Here is the definitive guide to the Fidget Spinner Nerd, because we want to free ourselves from the stress of spending “reckless purchases”

I have to admit, I still have not done influenced by the fashion of the moment, as you know well, concerns of small gadgets, anti-stress called Fidget Spinner. A term that, while I wrote this guide to Fidget Spinner Nerd, I discovered to derive from the term “fidgeting“, which is the act of making involuntary movements when we are agitated or stressed.

Now, I have absolutely no idea if this little gadget to rotate between the hands help to actually calm the stress of everyday life, the only thing that is certain is that, after having given a look at all the variants nerd of fidget spinner, you will enter “the tunnel” too...

The shield of Captain America

Let's start with the Fidget Spinner, Captain America is that, even if lately is making us to worry about, has always been an icon of the world of nerd and geek. His Fidget Spinner could be in the form of his famous shield and is one of the most unique around the market.

Here it is:

You can find on Amazon uk, at a price of 25€ (including shipping costs).

The Fidget Spinner Batman

Listened to the fans, and Marvel is time to relieve the stress of the fans of DC with the Fidget Spinner of Batman, one of the most popular on the market and also one of the most economic. It is, in fact, with a ridiculous sum of 5/6 €, including shipping.

Here he is, in the shape of a batarang:

Very nice is also the version of Anself, around 18 €

Other variants of the same spinner (faster and more metal), you can also find about 30€.

If Iron Man was stressed...

... this would probably be his Fidget Spinner. Will not be made under official license, but the colors leave no doubt as to who is the owner of this “jewel”.

Made from WHT, -, AND, the, you can find easily around 11€.

The Fidget Spinner Jack Sparrow

Let's leave aside the superheroes and let's get on to the piracy with the toy, anti-stress that each pirate (worthy of that name) should have. You can find it around € 10 but an eye to the curses that are fashionable these days in the Seven Seas (and film):

When you're about to conquer a continent and you feel stressed...

... there is nothing better than the Fidget Spinner of Game of Thrones! Because even the Khaleesi have their days storti(and in the absence of molten gold...).

In reality this is not a fidget spinner under official license (like all the others of the rest) and for this you can find it easily from 15 € to 25 €, depending on the manufacturer and the color.

For the “PROS” that don't lose time

If all those seen so far were “simple toys” theme, the Fidget Spinner Waitiee is part of the category for “professionals” of stress, with a rotation time that, according to the manufacturer, can reach up to 5 minutes total.

It is located at a price not exactly cheap (about 70€) but, now, you can find on offer on amazon at half the price.

Here it is:

The original! (More or less...)

Before the advent of the Fidget Spinner there was the Fidget Cube, cubes that, on each side, have a play anti-stress such as buttons, pens, wheels, switches, etc. etc.

A couple, this combo of Envolve, for those not satisfied with only the spinner (very pussy even the packaging):

You can find both, in two different colors, around 40 € (including shipping costs), but often are also on offer.

The stress at the time of the Middle Ages

Clearly, ladies and knights, between plagues and wars that lasted a hundred years, they had to have their dose of stress. This Fidget Spinner “medieval” would perhaps have made the case to them:

Available in different colors, whether you are going on a crusade or not, you can recover around 12 €.

What do you think? Which Fidget Spinner Nerd is your favorite? Please let us know via a comment below!

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