The Defenders: confirmed the date of the premiere of the tv series on Netflix!


Published on Apr 05, 2017


The site viral made for the tv series on Netflix, The Defenders, has confirmed the theories of the fans on the date of the premiere of the show

Yesterday, has arrived online a teaser trailer of the tv series Marvel / Netflix's The Defenders, in which it was possible to see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage on the inside of a lift in the Midland Circle Financial.

In the trailer, at some point, Jessica delivers a punch to the surveillance camera in a precise moment, 08:18:20:17. That it was not a coincidence, the fans had immediately sensed, azzardandosi to hypothesize that the time to indicate actually the date of the premiere of the show, which is August 18, 2017.

Here is the teaser:

The one that, until now, remained, however, only a theory (more than likely), he found instead confirmation at this time on the pages of the New York Bulletin, a site viral of a fake online newspaper created ad hoc for the series. In addition to the various “news” on the four characters of the respective tv series, in the bottom of the home page there is written:

Watch “Marvel's The Defenders” All Episodes Streaming, Only on Netflix August 18 | © 2017 MARVEL & ABC Studios

The first season of The Defenders will debut on Netflix on August 18, 2017 and will be composed of a total of 8 episodes.

In the cast we find Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Iron Fist (Finn Jones), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), Rosario Dawson (Claire Temple), Rachel Taylor (Trish Walker), Carrie-Anne Moss (Jeri Hogarth), Scott Glenn (Stick), Eka Darville (Malcolm “Powder” Ducasse) and Elodie Yung (Elektra).

A Sigourney Weaver was instead given the role of villain on the show.

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