The decree on illegal immigration is the law. The new provisions

Published on Apr 12, 2017

A structural solution to the long period according to the majority, a measure of the authoritarian which undermines the legal guarantees for the opposition. The decree Minniti-Orlando on the contrast to irregular immigration, exceeds with 240 votes in favor, 176 votes against and 12 abstained in the passage to the Chamber and is finally approved, after the " yes " given by the Senate on march 29. The decree on illegal immigration is the law. The new provisions. And to Parliament, as happened two weeks ago at the palazzo Madama, the government has reinforced the decree with the confidence, to avoid accidents along the way, because the effect of the ruling, issued by the Cdm on the 17th of February, would have expired next week. Never in this legislature to vote on the confidence in the Room had obtained a number of consents so reduced. Composed of 23 articles, the main purpose of which, as they pointed out the minister of the Interior and of Justice, is to make more rapid examination of applications of asylum, the establishment of sections of the court specialized in the field of immigration and asylum. Much discussed and disputed by the opposition, was another rule-the cornerstone of the decree: the abolition of the second instance judgment in the case, the request for international protection has been rejected by the competent court. New provisions. Against paragraphs F and G of article 6, lined, in fact, different lawyers (in addition to the voluntary associations that assist immigrants, declaring that the norm collides both with articles 24 and 111 of the Constitution (the Right process with the three degrees of judgment and right of defence), both with the article 6 of the european Convention on human rights (right to be heard). For the determination of the acceptance of the application for asylum, the new provisions also foresee a ritual chamber without a hearing, in the course of which the judge will review the video recording of the interview of the asylum seeker before the territorial commission. The law gives the Csm the task of planning an extraordinary application of the magistrates to meet the needs of the new sections. In each district court may apply a maximum of 20 judges for 18 months, renewable for a further 6 months. Assumptions. Furthermore, the ministry of Interior will be authorized to hire up to 250 employees with a permanent contract for the 2017-2018, to be allocated to the offices of the local Committees, or national. The ministry of Justice will be able to announce competitions for the recruitment of 60 officers to be assigned to the Department of juvenile justice and the community. Will be increased by 20 units, the personnel for the Africa of the diplomatic and consular offices, to the increased demands related to the expansion of the network in the african continent, resulting from the migration emergency. It is also expected an increase in spending for the sending to Africa of staff of the Carabinieri for the security of the embassies. (ADNKRONOS)

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