The Day Time of Rai 1 in September 2019: programs, cables and departure dates


Published on Jul 09, 2019


The presentation of the schedules of Rai, 9 July 2019, and formalization of many of the news stories that were prevalent in these days. By September 2019, the programming in the day time the network is back, more or less, the one we have seen this year if not with small changes, except for The live life. The afternoon program of Rai 1 is renewed in both style and operation. In fact, this year the helm of the program will be entrusted to Lorella Cuccarini and Alberto Matano. Small changes to schedules, such as, for example, for the test of The cook which will be aired from 12.

So, let us see in detail what will be the offer day-time of Rai 1 in September 2019.

At 6.45 euros as of September 9, 2019 to give the good morning to the audience of Rai 1 will Roberto Poletti and Valentina Bisti. The two conductors take the place of Franco di Mare and Benedetta Rinaldi to UnoMattina.

Also the Italian Stories will be aired from the 9th of September 2019. The difference however is in the time of airing. According to the official press release of Rai, the Italian Stories will begin at 10.30 am and then finish at 12. Probably then One Morning will air a half-hour more than last year.

As was to be expected, The proof of the cook is shortened. The program of Rai 1 will broadcast as in the past by 12. Elisa Isoardi back role. You return from the 9th of September 2019.

On September 9, 2019, and take the direct also with Come to me, the program conducting Caterina Balivo confirmed in the afternoon of the network.

Probably for the month of September will be aired again replicas de the Paradise of The lord which starts with the unpublished episodes on the 14th of October, as always at 15,40 about.

And as it had been widely announced, The live life get a new pair. Lorella Cuccarini and Alberto Matano will be the difficult role to conquer more plays for the afternoon on Rai 1.

After the success of the last edition of Flavio Insinna resumes his place to The inheritance. The program is back on air from September 23, 2019.

And from the 16 September is back on Rai 1 with Amadeus The usual suspects.

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