The dark side of the Periscope: a young girl kills herself live


Published on May 11, 2016


A French girl of 19 years has used Periscope to immortalize his tragic gesture that cost him his life. A real suicide live.

The young man has started a live stream on Periscope and then get out of the house and throw himself on the tracks as sopraggiungeva a train. Moments tragic and fatal, which have cost the life to the nineteen-year-old native of Arpajon in France. It is not the first similar episode in the live on the Periscope, but this time the dynamics and the shots were even more disturbing.

The video begins with the girl sitting on a sofa while talking on a seemingly calm with the audience to explain his “plan”. During the direct, the girl also sent a message to a relative of his to inform him of the impending and tragic gesture. The police are trying to figure out if the users who followed the direct have tried to contact the forces of law and order.

This gesture is doing much to discuss on what has already been defined the “obscure” side of the Periscope, saw that this app allows you to start a live in a simple and fast way to recover any type of act. Difficult to find a solution...



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