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Published on Dec 03, 2019


If you have this Solaris (both through the novel by Stanislaw Lem, which, with the work of the cinema of Andrej Tarkovsky) you know well how the science fiction may be declined even to a subgenus, a more introspective, which could be called “existentialist”. This is perhaps the top literary and artistic the most high.

The Dark Side of the Moon, the comic strip that is part of the series The Stories of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, is one of those cases where science fiction goes to dig in existentialism, and also in other narrative genres.

At the base of the story there is the character of Lloyd, an astronaut who has always dreamed of going to the Moon. His path is followed on two parallel tracks: the adult astronaut, and that of the child to discover himself.

This parallel path will bring the reader to follow the vicissitudes of a young man Lloyd, struggling with many problems in the family, and the great dream of space travel. At the same time, the story of Alessandro Bilotta makes us know the Lloyd adult adventure, finally, at the time of the Moon, ready to discover what hides the great satellite of the earth.

Alessandro Bilotta tells a story of training, setting it within the context of the genre. The fiction that accompanies The Dark Side of the Moon is very thin. Purely science fiction can be glimpsed, and paleseranno especially on the end of the story, giving the reader the impression of narrative that plays a lot on the binary of the real and the unreal, making hard to distinguish them really.

The science fiction is a genre that is very vast, and in a more superficial is often compared to spaceships that travel at the speed stratospheric, and aliens ready to invade the Earth. But this genre is ennobled above all for his great sense metaphorical, translated into stories, as for example, Solaris, movies like Moon, 2001: a Space Odyssey, and Invasion of the body Snatchers (aside from Blade Runner, which is a separate issue).

The idea of Bilotta to tell a story of training, calandola within the sci-fi is definitely a found important, which gives thickness to this comic.

The realistic designs, and use in a decisive manner the chiaroscuro, help to create even more atmosphere, giving a feeling of real, and tangible, and at the same time sinister and mysterious to the individual parts of the comic.

The fact that Sergio Bonelli Editore decides to propose an edition of quality hardback, this comic book has been part of the series the Stories of The SBE, all it does is give additional value to a comic that makes about the artistic quality of the authors bonelli.

The necklace Stories, of the rest, stands out for its artistic quality high, as well as an autonomy narrative that makes the readings independent of the majority of their comics. The Dark Side of the Moon has demonstrated how the features from the popular cartoon, which are the most strong of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, marry very well with a narrative quality and artistic level of the absolute.

Those who already possess the version from the newsstand de The Dark Side of the Moon, will find in the edition hardcover the opportunity to appreciate the history in a format that is more prestigious and able to maximise the enjoyment of the comic. While, those who have never read this story, will find in the output of the hardback the perfect occasion to discover one of the best comic books offered from the collection of bonelli Stories.

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