The Dark Mode comes on WhatsApp for iOS and Android


Published on Mar 04, 2020


After a long wait it was finally released an update for WhatsApp with which the users can use the Dark Mode on their devices. This function, in addition to give a touch of class to the app, brings a lot of benefits: the battery in the first place, given that the display is using the black as the main color; the visual impact is reduced, as there are colors less dazzling, and the eye tends to relax more.

The latest release has brought on a iOS 13, and Android 9/10 the new function, we see, therefore, how to enable it in both operating systems:

IOS 13

On the Apple device, simply go into “Settings“, find the entry “Screen and brightness”, and check “Dark,“ the works of the Dark will be activated automatically.

ANDROID 9, and 10

On devices with Android instead, you will need to act within the application, in fact you have to go to “Settings”, search “Chat” and click on “Theme”. Here you can choose between three different settings: “Dark” to use Dark Mode, “Clear” to remove it and “Default” to use the setting of the device. The latter can be modified by going to “Settings”, then “Display”.

The Dark Mode comes on WhatsApp for iOS and Android is




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