The Dark Crystal: the Age of Resistance – teaser and details of the series on Netflix


Published on Oct 08, 2018


Up to now everything that we know about the series is that it takes place several years before the events of the first film and that it will be composed of ten episodes, in addition to the fact that the series is presenting creatures created by Jim Henson creature Shop and Brian Froud, the original designer.

It was also confirmed that this series is not a prequel immediately previous to the movie, then it ends at the point where begins the original film, but takes place much earlier than when the story of the movie takes place.

It was revealed during a panel at NYCC, The Jim Henson company has worked on this series over the past seven years. The director Louis Letterier has also said that there will be no CGI used in the series, wanting it to only use puppets, just like in the original film. The only difference is that they will use green screens to allow them to remove the body of the puppeteer in the process of change.

With regard to the new details on the series, was inspired by a scene from the original film and sees Jen, a survivor of the breed Gefling, which puts you on a journey to find a fragment of the Dark Crystal and defeat the evil breed the Crystal. Brian Henson said:

“In the original film, Jen and Kira stop at the wall of fate, and see the ruins of what was once a beautiful culture Gefling, and we considered a point of departure for the whole series”.

“What was that culture, what was lost, what was that beautiful civilization Gefling? It is a series that is very developed, with many groups of Gelflings... it's rich.”

It seems, therefore, that we will see the planet Thra in the prosperity before the Dark Crystal was broken! Henson went on to say that it is inspired by Avatar – The legend of Aang, Game of Thrones and the Lord of The Rings. He added:

“We need to pamper old fans... but also to create new fans. The children of these times have not seen puppets that look like these. Is different and sometimes rather scary. There is action and drama and some of the dead. You will like it.”

No word yet on when the show will be presented, but probably will arrive on Netflix in 2019.

The Dark Crystal: the Age of Resistance – teaser and details of the series, Netflix is




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