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Published on Apr 13, 2018


The Dark Crystal is a cult film, screened in cinemas for the first time as far back as 1982. This is a very interesting experiment film in which the protagonists are only fantastic creatures are represented through puppets and puppets animatronici: this means that in The Dark Crystal you will not see even an actor of flesh and bones.

Jim Henson is known to the general public mainly for having created the famous Muppet, and another cult film of the 80s, Labyrinth, starring a very young Jennifer Connelly and the thin White Duke, David Bowie.

The main difference with the Labyrinth is, as we have already mentioned, the total absence of human beings from the world of Thra, animated solely by fantastic creatures. This gives the whole movie a dreamy atmosphere of a fairy-tale fantasy.

In this story, the breaking of the Crystal of Truth has split the personality of Truth, the guardians of the Crystal itself, generating two groups, the peaceful Mystics and their dark side, Kira. But a legend tells of a mysterious chosen one, who would have the power to restore the Crystal, now transformed in the Crystal Dark, guarded by the Crystal, to bring the world back to its original state.

The atmosphere here is decidedly more dark than the previous works of Jim Henson, as suggested by the title of the film, but the film is still in the family movie.

In the blu-Ray in the examination, which will thin the packaging is also very practical, but also very fragile, you will find, as well as a version fully restored in high definition from the original film and The Dark Crystal, a rich and very interesting selection of special features, which include:

Thanks to these abundant and interesting additional content, you can live more closely and in a more immersive experience of The Dark Crystal, and you will discover a lot of information and curiosities about the film, watch the creative process that led to the birth of a fantastic world populated by many creatures made and animated with immense skill.

The insights in this special edition are really diverse and very rich, and their vision sure to satisfy the curiosity of fans of cinema and culture fantasy in general, by showing how much hard work both are necessary in order to give life to a project so ambitious and original.

It is, therefore, a must for lovers of the fantasy genre, a great classic that has not lost its great charm, despite the passing of time. Not only recommended for nostalgic fans, who can relive a wonderful adventure that will bring back to their memories related to their childhood, but also to all those fans of fantasy who have not had the opportunity to enjoy this brilliant crystal in the cinema when it was published for the first time 36 years ago.

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