The Crow: Memento Mori, the 18 April arrives at the comic store and the second volume

Published on Apr 12, 2018

Edizioni BD announces that on 18 April and arrives in the store and the library the second volume of The Raven: Memento Mori, the mini-series born from the collaboration between the milanese publishing house and IDW Publishing that is being published simultaneously in Italy and in the USA.

There are three Italian artists: Werther dell'edera (drawings), Roberto Recchioni (screenplay) and Jeanne de Niro (colors) to give new life to David, the iconic personification of the crow, Eric, James O Barr.

If in the first volume we have been catapulted in the eternal city, Rome is gloomy and grey, which is hit by an attack where David dies, and then from the dead for vengeance; in the second volume the authors take a step back in time and tell us about a close childhood by the boy David, his daily life and the first meeting with Sarah, the female protagonist of the miniseries.

Until you get to the teenage years of David and his love for the girl, hindered or protected by the father Raphel, another figure emblematic of the entire story.

Each album includes a short-short story to the works of Italian talent, which expands the mythology of the Raven with a tribute to the setting is always different.

The second volume of The Raven: Memento Mori will be presented in preview during the days of the Torino Comics (13-15 April), while on Saturday the 14th of April at 14.00 (Agora hall 3) there will be the event “The Crow: Memento Mori, to be confronted with a myth,” a panel dedicated to the new incarnation of the myth of James O Barr, moderated by Maurizio Rosenzweig, with Davide Furnò, and John Marinovich (Art Director at Edizioni BD).

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