The counterparties to the souls of the heroes of Marvel


Published on Aug 19, 2018


Taken from the comic western, the characters, the stories and the powers that each of these a superhero and supervillain have are very similar to those used in comics/anime eastern. Impossible to say which is the best between the two genres.

One thing is for certain, the similarities are many, so that it is possible to imagine what anime character could do from the counterparty to the heroes of the Marvel.


Both have lost everything that was dear. The one his family, the other his life as he knew. In the moment of greatest desperation they found the strength to get up again and learn a power without equal, thanks to which you will reach the goals they have set for themselves.

Alchemy or mysticism, Edward Elric is a perfect master of all, and two, a perfect dr. Strange with intelligence and perseverance. Also the coat is of the same color.

The counterparties to the souls of heroes of Marvel is




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