The Council of Ministers in the first go-ahead to the reform of the internal market of the rice

Published on Jun 09, 2017

(askanews) – the First free way from the cdm to the long-awaited reform of the internal market of the rice, just at a time when the rice production chain the Italian is suffering from a strong crisis of prices, influenced by the import of rice at zero duty to the Eu by the countries of the so-called Pma, and mainly from Cambodia and Myanmar. The Council of Ministers in the first go-ahead to the reform of the internal market of rice. The legislative decree laying down provisions concerning the internal market of the rice, today approved in first reading by the Council of Ministers, in implementation of the delegation provided by the Connected agriculture, foresees first of all the reorganisation and simplification of the legislation on the marketing of rice, which dated back to 1958 and its adjustment to the european legislation, but also the preservation of varieties of rice in italy. Still, in the decree it is provided for the genetic improvement of new varieties and the valorisation of rice production through the establishment of a national register of protected designations of rice held by the Ente risi, which aims to provide the rice production chain of the legal instruments that are based on objective and transparent criteria and determined to be able to “classify”, from the point of view of the sale, the priceless heritage of varieties of Italian. Are 200, in fact, the rice varieties registered in the national register and this number itself is enough to highlight the size and importance of the productive reality. As required by the supply chain, also comes the enhancement through the designation “classico” on the label of the product varieties from risotto today the best known and most used, which are a heritage of the rice production chain Italian, as envisaged by the guiding principles and criteria for the exercise of the delegation. Also provided for the protection of the consumer with more transparency of the names on the labels and the strengthening of the controls with its new system of sanctions. Satisfied, the minister of Policies for agricultural Maurizio Martina: “the start of a reform waiting for years in the industry. We aimed to simplify the rules, enhance the more traditional varieties of Italian, and to give more transparency on the label to the consumer”. “This measure continues, Martina – it is included in the actions that we are taking forward for a key sector such as that of rice, which goes through a complex phase. We will continue to insist with Brussels to have the answers to a crisis in the sector, which is european, but which concerns us very close to being the largest producers of rice in the Union. We'll also be in the next few days to get concrete answers to our rice growers, who are penalized, even from the entrance of rice at zero duty from asian countries in the Eba. Need a package of support measures on the part of the Commission and the activation of the safeguard clause provided for in the treaties Eba. On this we will continue to work also in the next few hours, as we expect a green light from the Eu on the decree on the mandatory origin on the label for the rice sent to Brussels last April.”

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