The coronavirus is transmitted through the water? Swimming pools and hot tubs are a risk?


Published on May 04, 2020


The phase 2 has started from today and there are many questions that even the italians are putting. We talked of travel, of the joint travel. But there is also another question that continue many to be the coronavirus can be transmitted through water? The pools and the hot tubs are at risk? A question that affects a lot of people who are among the more wondering if this summer, not being able to move away from the region of residency, you will be able to at least go in the SPA or perhaps a pool, always respecting the rules of safety that will last for months, with the famous distancing of the social.

The answers come directly from the higher Institute of Health that in these two months, has sought to clarify many doubts of the italians, to give answers and to expose many buffaloes.

For what is currently known, on the basis of the evidence known to the virus most resistant of SARSCoV-2 and of the control measures of water pollution (protection of water resources, treatment, disinfection, monitoring, and surveillance), water intended for human consumption are safe compared to the risks of transmission of COVID-19. The virus has never been detected in water intended for human consumption.

By the Group communication COVID-19 to the ISS (Source: ISS and the CDC)

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. The proper operation, maintenance and appropriate disinfection (e.g. chlorine and bromine) pools and hot tubs to ensure the inactivation of the virus that causes COVID-19.

By the Group communication COVID-19 to the ISS (source: CDC)

For the moment this kind of structures remain closed, but for example, just today, Federica Pellegrini has returned to train in the water, alone, in the swimming pool. And, like her, many other swimmers. This demonstrates that there are risks. It is also true that will be banned in all the ways the gatherings that could endanger thousands of people.

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