The coronavirus in the world: more than 2000 deaths in the Usa, Trump accuses the other countries to give wrong numbers


Published on Apr 08, 2020


The numbers of the COVID19 are merciless and continue to increase throughout the world. While Italy has already begun the one that scientists call the descent stage and Spain in the days you could have the same situation, in other countries things are different. In particular, are very concerned about the situation in the United States, where in New York city for days now, it asks you to comply with the size restriction but there are too many concessions, such as going out to the park or to take in the sun. And these concessions could lead to thousands of deaths. The numbers of the day yesterday to a record, unfortunately. About 2 thousand people have died in the United States because of coronavirus in the last 24 hours. This is the worst daily balance in the world from the beginning of the pandemic. The striking increase (+1.939 victims) leads to 12.722 the dead in the Usa. In short, the United States, that are entered, no emergency at least two weeks after the Italy, could become the country with the highest number of victims. The infected are now touching the 400 thousand, according to data from John Hopkins University. Trump accuses the other Countries to give numbers fake on the epidemic: “Reported numbers is misleading or wrong.“ And the thesis that Trump is married to other heads of state and scientists who are questioning even the veracity of the numbers in China. As it is possible to have death only 3000 people?

China reported yesterday, 62 new cases of infection by the coronavirus, of which 59 are imported (up to a total of 1.042) and three domestic servants in Shandong (2), and Guangdong (1). The Commission's national health care (Nhc) has reported two new deaths, one in Shanghai and one in Hubei province, the province of which Wuhan, the outbreak of the pandemic, it is the chief town. Bird
are in the complex 81.802, of which 1.190 under treatment, 3.333 deaths and 77.279 healed.

These are the numbers to which now the world finds it hard to believe; after all that's happened and is happening in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Layer States, it is really difficult to think that in a country, where, among other things for weeks, it is hidden the virus, there were so few people affected, and so few victims.

The number of positive cases of coronavirus in Israel rose to 9404, about 400 more than in the past. This was announced by the ministry of Health according to which an increase far more important has been the deaths in a day rose from 59 to 71. Tuesday is in force in Israel, an insulation strengthened on the basis of which is prohibited (until Friday) to leave their city of residence.

The cases of infection have increased for the second consecutive day in Germany. This was announced by the Robert Koch Institute. The infected are 4.003 more for a total of 103.228. Other 253 people have died in the last 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 1.861.

South Korea has registered yesterday, 53 new cases of infection by the coronavirus, a little more than a 47 on a Monday, for 10.384 total. According to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Kcdc), the deaths are up 8 units, to 200. An additional 80 people have been healed, for a total of 6.776. New infections imported amounted to 14, bringing the
total to 832, in spite of the more stringent rules enacted for the inputs in the Country. Seoul has so far carried out more than 486mila test for the Covid-19.

These are the numbers at the April 7, 2020.

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