The copper of almonds choosers


Published on May 05, 2020


We always hunt for recipes captive seen on tv and today we have decided to offer you a super recipe in the program Tv2000 choosers. What to prepare good? Today a very sweet simple to make but really delicious. The recipe that we suggest is that of the copper of almonds.

These sweets are typical of the town of Nicosia, a very beautiful place, in the heart of Sicily.

And here are all the ingredients we need to prepare this delicious copper of almonds, let's start with the ingredients of the pastry:
1 kg of flour 00
400 g of sugar
400 g of lard
4 egg yolks about
grated rind of a lemon or an orange (to taste)
egg q.b.
And here are the ingredients that we need for the cover:
500 g of roasted almonds (with the skin)
400 g of sugar
2 tablespoons of marsala
4 egg whites, approximately
cinnamon powder q.b.
powdered sugar q.b. (for sprinkle)

We turn now to the preparation of the recipe starting from the pastry. In a bowl put all the ingredients that you find in the list, and mixed well together to form the classic dough. The dough must be smooth and homogeneous. Once ready, we can pull the browse.

We prepare the cover. Take the almonds and cut with the knife. Our friend Angela suggests to chop the almonds, but do it in a big way. Therefore, we take all the ingredients that we find in the list for the preparation of the cover, and put them all together. We proceed first with the almonds and sugar, then let us go forward with the grated lemon, the egg whites that we first put aside, the Marsala wine, the cinnamon and the icing sugar.

At this point, we take the dough and pass on this cover with the almonds that we have prepared. Put it in the oven, and inform you of 180 degrees bake until they are golden brown.

Spolverizziamo with the icing sugar.

The article in The copper of almonds, what passes the monastery comes from the Latest News Flash.




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