The company of the swan on Rai 1 on January 7, 2019: plot and advances


Published on Jan 05, 2019


A new series is ready to conquer the public of the young people in this 2019. The Rai focuses on The company of the swan for a Monday evening, yet by the record ratings. Rai 1 has closed the year 2018 in the sign of the extraordinary success of The friend of genius but also that of other fiction such as The pupil, The bastards of Pizzofalcone, Black in the middle. A season full of title from the record ratings that the Rai that opens the 2019 with the hope of doing still well. Monday, January 7 at 21.25 Bbc1 transmits the new fiction, “The company of the swan”, a series of Ivan Cotroneo, with Alessio Boni, Anna Valle, Alessandro Roia, Carlotta Natoli, Francesca Cavallin, Stefano Dionisi, Giorgio Pasotti, Marco Bocci, Rocco Tanica, Michele Bravi, Claudia Potenza, Fabrizio Ferracane, Barbara Chichiarelli, Pia Lanciotti, Susy Laude, Dino Abbrescia.

A cast of characters for the set of Rai 1 that features the participation of actors, dearly beloved, and among the best on the big and small screen.

We just have to find out what is going to happen in the first episode of The company of the swan aired on January 7, 2019 on Rai 1.

In the first episode, titled ' The arrival of Matthew, And the dawn when Matthew part from the town of Amatrice, to reach Milan. With the music of Rossini in the ears, and the dream of a new life in the heart, Matthew is moving by his uncle, Daniel, to study at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi. And here that study also Domenico, Sofia, Roberto said Robbo, Rosario, Sara and Barbara. Matthew plays the violin, is a
guy is fragile, and with, the earthquake that destroyed his city has changed profoundly. Matthew's talent is noticed by Luke Marioni, the professor, who follows the boys in the orchestra. Marioni, also called the 91 bastard”, because what he demands from his students the most. As it says Marioni, during the rehearsal of the orchestra, these guys are all lonely people, who must learn to find a single voice, the voice of the orchestra. But like them, Marioni is a single person. A man who has lost his family and is forced to see Irene, the woman he loves, secretly, So when he understands what lies behind the calmness of Matthew, you tend to realize that the only way to help him is to help him to other boys like him, special.

In the second episode entitled the Birth of the company, the master Marioni asks Domenico, Robbo, Sofia, Rosario and Barbara to help Matthew with the evidence: if Matthew will not improve, they will all be out by the orchestra. Apart from Dominic, which tries to become immediately operational, by creating a chat on the phone to arrange the meetings, for others this represents yet another commitment. The group, Marioni also adds Sara, who, although not part of the orchestra because ìpovedente, has the determination and grit right to help the newcomer. See, however, is not so easy, everyone has their own problems: Barbara is divided between I the study of the high school and the conservatory; Robbo has just discovered that his mother has a relationship with another man; the Rosary must tare the accounts with the absence of his mother, as she builds the day-to-day relationship with his foster parents. Matthew, meanwhile, begins to settle down in Milan. And more and more attracted to Barbara, and it also speaks to his mother, Valeria, who continues to be for him an important point of reference. The guys are starting to understand that by sharing you can feel better: the company of the Swan”, in honor of Green, the swan of Busseto, is formed.

The appointment, and then to January 7, 2019, with the first episode of the new series of Rai 1.

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