The Company of the Swan: Advances and storyline of the new drama “the musical” for Bbc1


Published on Dec 12, 2018


Rai Uno has become for many years the home of the fiction of success: only in the last tv season we have seen the exploits as Doctors 2, don't tell my boss 2, The pupil , The bastards of Pizzofalcone, and the last (in chronological order) The Friend of Genius. The First Network does not want to certainly stop this wake lucky, and already by January 2019, will propose to its viewers the new serial with The Good Doctor 2 and the unreleased The Company of the Swan: a new Italian fiction in the care of the director Ivan Cotroneo (which we have already seen at work in fool for Love, Tonight, Casa Mika, Sirens, Sisters, another Life).

But what do we know of The Company of the Swan? Here are the first anticipations on the cast, the plot, the date of airing and who will be the special guest really very “musical”...

The Company of the Swan will tell the story of Matthew: a sixteen-year-old who, after having remained miraculously unharmed by the earthquake of Amatrice, escapes to Milan, italy to study the violin, and the boy shows a great talent with his instrument and was soon admitted into a music academy with courses that already started. Matthew will live experiences of all kinds, all legal to double strand with the world of music: stories of love, but also the first enemy.

In the academy de The Mate of the Swan, the protagonist will know several colleagues of course like Sara: she is an aspiring violinist visually impaired; the Rosary, a percussion genius, but with a troubled life due to his drug-addict mother; there is also Barbara, a talented pianist, but by the character shaggy and snobbish, due to a wealthy family and upper-crust. The young protagonist will have the chance to tread the stage of the Teatro Verdi and get to know other students as Robbo, Yuri and Sofia: the three students who wish to make music their sole profession.

The cast is full of stars of the Italian fiction: The Company of the Swan, we find Anna Valle, Alessandro Roja, Carlotta Natoli, Francesca Cavallin (already accustomed to the fiction on the academy of music after the Music of the Heart), Stefano Dionisi, Francesco Liotti (son of Daniele Liotti) and Dino Abbrescia.

In the cast of special guest: Joan Mezzogiono, Rocco Tanica, Marco Bocci and the international artist Mika.

The date of airing of The Company of the Swan is at the moment still uncertain. Initially had been scheduled for the 7th and 8th of January but, given the great success that the television series of Rai Uno, is enjoying the Monday evening, it is very likely that we will see the wave from mid-January 2019 just in the first day of the week.

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