The Company of Dreamers: the role-playing game to explore the mysteries of dreams

Published on Nov 19, 2017

Let's discover together The Company of Dreamers! Matthijs Holter proposes a game of rituals, and secret societies, inside of a world of dreams and mysterious

From the adventure of Lucca Comics not ever come back dissatisfied, especially if you are fans of role-playing games!

Among the new features in this edition of the event, there emerges a great little rpg, The Society of Dreamers by Matthijs Holter, distributed by Dreamlord Press.

There is the possibility of entering in the dreams, there are people who can cross the threshold. Each of us may possess the key and join the Company of Dreamers.

The Society of Dreamers is a role-masterless, without a real “master”, thought to be played by one-shot or to discover for the first time, the role-playing one or more players.

The rules are few, giving ample space to the narrative, and all are protagonists in the same way of the adventure, so as to create a collaborative game and exploration.

Discover in detail how to play!

The main protagonists of the setting de La Society of Dreamers are the Mnemositi, creatures that live in the dreams of people and that can take on different shapes and characteristics from game to game.

Not much is known about them: they can be hostile, or you can come to the rescue of human beings, hide or less a secret, will be the players to choose it! In fact, it is the players, namely the members of the Society of Dreamers, the heroes can enter the mind of the Dreamers and to discover the plans and intrigues of the Mnemositi.

Each game session consists of four distinct phases: the Pre-game, the Exposure, Recomposing and the Conclusion.

It is the “acts” of the narrative in which they play, respectively, are: the childhood and youth of the player, the discovery of the Mnemositi on the part of the members of the Society of Dreamers, the resolution of the intrigue and clues of the story and finally the conclusion of the events of the players and the Mnemosite.

The adventure proceeds through the narration of all the players, which, in turn, expose the events of the four phases of the game, telling at least one scene from each act of the story.

An innovative element de La Society of Dreamers is the use of a Table Divinatory.

This is a particular version of the tablet, ouija, which is located inside of the game: you place a coin or other object on the Table, the players place all their finger over the object, which, after a bit, it should move from only one of the possible resolutions. The kit of the gdr already provides this Table Divinatory at the time of purchase.

This object does not contain letters, as in traditional tablets with the ouija, but the “themes” that emerge within the scene. These issues that will set the scene narrated, are: Dream, Dreamer, Mnemosite, Hunting, Metamorphosis, Stranger, Love, Death, and Diary.

The component and the esoteric is a fundamental element of the game, so much so that, within a few rules, there is the indication to create a Ritual that must be performed by all players at the time of the beginning of the game and at the end of the same.

The aim is to “drive away the spirits” and to create a session role-playing game that is a sort of a ritual with a beginning, a middle and a conclusion.

You will not have to take any attitude from great occultists or esotericists, the function of the Rituals is simply to define all of, and in a strong way, the time and space of the game. A particular idea and completely original.

The Society of Dreamers has all of the cards to be a gdr within the reach of all, fun and with distinct peculiar elements that distinguish it. A role-playing game to try if you're looking for a system masterless versatile and new!

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