The community of Bedero Valcuvia and Masciago Primo together for Mother's day

Published on May 15, 2017

(Cesi Hills) Also in our community of Bedero-Masciago, in the Sunday of Mother's day, we thanked the Lord for the mothers “operational” and prayed for those who have died. This year mother's day coincided with the fifth Sunday of Easter in this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus is called “the Way”, rather than “the Truth and the Life”. The community of Bedero Valcuvia and Masciago Primo together for Mother's day. Our parish priest spoke in his homily about how Jesus is our “Way” in many senses, but also and especially in the us which is the worship proper and acceptable to God, which is made essentially of prayers and sacrifices, but of the ability to gamble in the love until the end (as did Jesus himself): an ability that the human self has, and it is for this reason that in the Gospel of John, Jesus begins to insinuate that the country needed to leave in order to be able to “return in another form”, thanks to the gift of the Spirit who makes possible the achievements of love are impossible with men. If this gift has to be invoked often and all the more reason to go asked God to women in general, and for mothers especially because, if love is the fundamental vocation and indispensable to every man, and – in the truest sense – every christian, this occurs especially in women, because of his natural congeniality to tenderness, to altruism, to self-sacrifice and dedication. Because perhaps it is especially in this direction that expresses the “feminine genius” of which you heard so much about from the encyclical “Mulieris Dignitatem” John Paul II. Being a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world, imbued by so much love and so much joy, even if full of doubts, worries, fears, problems, loneliness, illness, pain. At the end of the Mass, all the mothers, with a handshake and greeting of the parish priest, was given a candle in the shape of a red rose made of oratory: the rose symbolizes the scent of human love, and the flame is the symbol of the gift of the Holy Spirit who makes divine and heroic love. The greeting card is speaking of the five senses of a mother in these terms: The mother's hands are never still, they all indicate to do and they also know how to make a caress. The eyes of the mother see up to the details, know how to read the thoughts and never close. The feet of the mother never rest, accompany, follow, precede and govern; nothing can throw you down a mother. The mouth of the mother is a bright smile, puts you in a good mood and return to the serene, comforting those who hurt, and share the joys the most beautiful. The heart of a mother is immense, and in it there is a place for everyone, despite the mistakes and errors, is always ready with the gift and forgiveness. The best wishes, of course, are made even women are not mothers, because all women are a little mothers in their own way. The thought is for all those women who exercise their motherhood by engaging with good will and with simplicity in the various services necessary for the parish community, with a spirit that it deserves, occasionally, a praise and a thank you. They prayed, then, because the mothers are always and only in the Virgin Mary the model of wives and educators. We prayed for all the mothers that suffer from remoteness and the lack of understanding of the children and for those who, burdened by too many commitments, and they forget to have God as an ally. We also prayed for the mothers who have died for our God, as strong as a father and tender as a mother, welcome into the embrace of his mercy.

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