The Common: Netflix will be the TV series?


Published on Feb 19, 2020


Netflix, and with her all of the platforms streaming, they continue to buy up intellectual property to transform in the TV series, and, therefore, successful brands, thus fostering the production of content on “original” from the fan base and audience is almost assured.

Not only, however, comic books and video games-extraction of the anglo-saxon or who have attained the popularity in those areas and it is reflected then in Europe, also south America could be about to see a product turned into a TV series.

According to the journalist Jorge Rial, in fact, Netflix would be ready for the plate is $ 15 million to transform the classic histories of The Common in a TV series.

Me dicen que hoy están llegando los capos de @NetflixLAT para cerrar formally el contrato para llevar a su pantalla El “in Common”. Sería a inversión de 15 millones de dólares. La primera gran producción nacional para esa plataforma. A muy buena noticia.

— JORGE RIAL (@rialjorge) February 18, 2020

The Common written by Héctor Oesterheld and drawn by Francisco Solano López, was published in 1957 in the magazine Hora Cero reaching immediately the success. The story is one of resistance to an alien invasion in Buenos Aires of the ’50s, with clear references to the socio-political situation of Argentina of the period that resulted in the coup of 1976, Jorge Videla, and of which it will remain victim to the same Oesterheld, who died in 1977.

The series, his following and the remake, are all published in Italy by 001 Edizioni.

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